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Most King County offices will be closed on July 4, for Independence Day.  
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To those interested in applying for a Concealed Pistol License:

There are multiple locations in our jurisdiction where you can apply for a Washington State Concealed Pistol License. We have been made aware that when online, those interested in applying are seeing advertisements and websites inviting them to apply for licenses through third party, private companies.

Please be aware that to obtain a Washington State Concealed Pistol License, you must apply with the sheriff's office of the county in which you reside, or the city police (if you reside within city limits).

Companies that offer multi-state licenses cannot issue a Washington Concealed Pistol License, specifically.  However, they may be able to process applications and issue a license for states of which there is a Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Firearm Licenses.

Please contact your local law enforcement agency should you have any questions regarding this matter.

There are a tremendous number of individuals wanting to get their Concealed Pistol License (CPLs)  at this time.  Due to the volume, as well as our limitations of how many appointments we can schedule daily, we understand getting an appointment can be challenging.

Based on the various current COVID restrictions, we will continue to operate using required social distancing procedures.  When the restrictions are amended or lifted, we hope to be able to process more applications daily. 

We ask that you continue to check back frequently for openings in the online appointment system.  Calling the downtown Seattle, Burien or Maple Valley location for appointments will not be successful in getting an earlier appointment than what is available using the online appointment system. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to reopen and continue to improve and increase our services.


At the time you apply, the following are required:

  • You must be 21 years of age, or older.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States, or a Permanent Resident alien.
  • If you are a Permanent Resident, you must provide your original Immigration issued Permanent Resident Card at time of application.
  • You must live in King County, or outside of WA state, in the case of non-resident applicants.
  • You must have a current Driver’s License or State ID issued by Washington State or any other state.  Passports or Military ID’s are not accepted in lieu of a state issued ID.  **Your address MUST MATCH the records for WA State Department of Licensing or your application may be denied ** 
  • If you have a Driver’s License or State ID issued by a state other than Washington, you may have a 60 day wait for an original application.
  • The fee for an original Concealed Pistol License as of January 1, 2019 is $49.25.
  • The waiting period to receive the Concealed Pistol License is 30 to 60 days, and will be mailed. 
  • If you are a Non-Immigrant Alien you must bring your current I-94, current valid passport with Visa, state hunting license and/or certificate of membership to a gun club, and your current Alien Firearms License.  Original documents required. 


To begin the process:

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can begin the process by downloading a Concealed Pistol License application, which is valid for applying, renewing and replacing Concealed Pistol Licenses.

The application process for an Original Concealed Pistol License typically takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. This application process must be conducted IN PERSON.  The process includes fingerprinting at time of application submittal (no 3rd party prints accepted). Some applications may take longer, so we appreciate your patience.

For information on scheduling an appointment, please see the Scheduling An Appointment tab on this page.


New/Original Concealed Pistol License (CPL) processing is handled by appointment only.  For the downtown Seattle location (King County Courthouse), Burien and Maple Valley, you can set up an appointment using one of the buttons below.  The online appointment system will be expanded to our other locations.  

When scheduling an appointment using the online appointment system, you may see the message: “Sorry, no days currently available."  This means the scheduling calendar is full.  If appointment cancellations occur, the schedule is automatically refreshed.  The page is updated immediately as appointments become available.  Please check back frequently.   Click a location below to view available appointments. 

For operating hours, services and appointment options provided for our partner cities, please see the LOCATIONS dropdown menu on this page.

Current Fees:

$49.25 (For Originals) - meaning either you have never had a license, or your license has been expired more than 90 days

$32.00 (For Renewals) - if license is NOT EXPIRED and WITHIN 90 days prior to its expiration

$42.00 (For Late Renewals) - if license is NO MORE THAN 90 days past its expiration

$10.00 (For Replacements) - if license is VALID and NOT EXPIRED

$84.25 (For Alien Firearm License) - includes license and fingerprinting fees  (for a 2 year license)  Click here for more info


Currently Accepted Methods of Payment:

  • Personal check/money order requirements (for all locations):

Check/money order must be made payable to King County Sheriff’s Office or KCSO

Checks must be preprinted and match the name on the license. 

If payment is to be applied to more than one license, ALL names must be preprinted on the check.

King County Sheriff’s Office will not accept 3rd party checks.

  • No debits or credit cards are accepted at any of our locations.
  • Cash is ONLY accepted at the King County Courthouse location.  

The following process has been created to allow citizens of King County to obtain the service of Renewing or Replacing their valid Concealed Pistol License without the need or requirement of making an appointment using our online Appointment System.

This process is for:

Any person who resides anywhere within King County and who is in possession of a valid Concealed Pistol License of which is either:

  • Within 90 days PRIOR to its expiration date OR
  • Within 90 days AFTER its expiration date


You may turn in your Concealed Pistol License application for a Renewal/Replacement (in person) without an appointment at one of the following locations:  King County Courthouse or the Maple Valley Precinct.

Maple Valley location will process renewals/replacement on a walk in basis, HOWEVER they do not accept cash.    

King County Sheriff's Office

(located in the King County Courthouse)

516 - 3rd Ave, Rm W-150

Seattle, WA 98104

WHEN: Anytime Mon - Fri (no appointment needed or required for Renewal/Replacements ONLY)

HOURS: 8:30AM - 3:30PM ONLY


Maple Valley Precinct

22300 SE 231st Street

Maple Valley, WA 98038

WHEN: Anytime Mon - Fri (no appointment required for Renewal/Replacements ONLY)

HOURS: 9:00AM - 3:30PM ONLY


In order to do so you must bring the following:

COMPLETED COPY of the King County Sheriff's Office 5 page Concealed Pistol License Application or a copy may be obtained upon arrival to the downtown location

(Application may be downloaded from the King County Sheriff's Office website at:  APPLICATION

  • Current/Valid State Driver's License or State ID (no alternative identification accepted)
  • **Your address MUST MATCH the records for WA State Department of Licensing or your application may be denied**

  • Check or Money Order at precinct locations, or Check, Money Order, and Cash at the downtown location
    in the following amount:

$32.00 (For Renewals) - if license is NOT EXPIRED and WITHIN 90 days prior to its expiration

$42.00 (For Late Renewals) - if license is NO MORE THAN 90 days past its expiration

$10.00 (For Replacements) - if license is VALID and NOT EXPIRED


** personal check MUST have the applicant's name preprinted on it

** personal check MUST be drawn on a local bank (within Washington State)

** personal check MUST be written for the exact amount due

** personal check must be payable to either KCSO or King County Sheriff's Office

** money orders or cashier's checks must be written for the exact amount due and must be payable to either KCSO or King County Sheriff's Office



Applicant MUST BE PRESENT at time of application submittal. Applications will ONLY be accepted for the subject of the license to be renewed.

There will be no exceptions made for this process. Your application may be denied if all elements of the applicable process are not met at the time of submittal.

Hours / Payment Methods Accepted / Services provided by location

    King County Courthouse / Downtown Seattle
         516 Third Ave, W-150
         Seattle, WA 98104
    HOURS:   Mon –Fri    8:30 am – 4:00pm
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash / Check / Money Order
    NEW CPLs:  Appointment Only link for downtown Seattle location
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Walk in only (8:30am - 3:30pm)


         14905 6th Ave SW
         Burien, WA 98166
    HOURS:   Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00 am – Noon  then  1:00pm - 2:30pm 
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:  Appointment Only  link for Burien location
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Appointment Only   link for Burien location


    Maple Valley
         22300 SE 231st Street
         Maple Valley, WA 98038
    HOURS:   Mon –Fri    9:00 am – 3:30pm
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:  Appointment Only  link for Maple Valley location
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Walk in only


         801 228th Ave SE, #202
         Sammamish, WA 98075
    HOURS:   Mon / Wed / Fri    9:00 am – 3:00pm
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED:   Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:   Appointment Only (Call 206-263-9133)
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:   Appointment Only (Call 206-263-9133)


         4800 South 188th Street
         SeaTac, WA 98188
    HOURS:   Open to all - Tues / Thurs  9:00am - 3:00pm
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Personal Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:  Appointment Only (Call 206-973-4900)
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Appointment Only (Call 206-973-4900)

    Effective Feb 1, we will no longer be processing CPLs on Mondays

    NOTE:  SeaTac residents only - Wednesday 9:00am - 3:00pm


         17500 Midvale Ave North
         Shoreline, WA 98133
    HOURS:   Tues / Wed / Thurs  9:00am - 3:30pm
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:  Appointment Only (Call 206 801 2710)
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Appointment Only (Call 206-801-2710)

    NOTE: Shoreline and Kenmore residents only.


         17301 133rd Ave NE
         Woodinville, WA 98072
    HOURS:   Mondays and Thursday only
    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Check / Money Order
    NEW CPL:  Now processing new CPLs for Woodinville residents only  Click here to schedule an appointment
    RENEW / LATE RENEW / REPLACE CPL:  Appointment for Woodinville residents only  Click here to schedule an appointment

    NOTE:  Woodinville residents only.


Additional helpful information by topic

    Information regarding alien firearms licenses can be found here:  Alien Firearms Licenses


    The Sheriff’s Office is able to process Concealed Pistol License applications for anyone who resides outside the state of Washington. Applicants must appear in person during business hours at the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle or any of our local locations (by appointment only). The requirements are the same as with Original Concealed Pistol Licenses, and the fee is also $49.25. The waiting period to receive the Concealed Pistol License for non-residents is 60 days, and will be mailed.




    Do I get a discount if I'm in the military?

    No. The fees for CPLs are determined by state law.  King County Sheriff's Office does not have the authority to waive fees. 

    The Military Exception is applicable only for renewing a valid CPL for active duty military personnel deployed when their valid Washington state CPL expired.  The renewal fee remains $32.00 if the person provides a copy of the official military orders to King County (the issuing authority), no later than 90 days after the person's date of discharge, assignment, or reassignment back to Washington state.  Failure to provide the required documents may result in an original application process, which will require an appointment via QLess.  Please check with the Records Unit for more information or clarification.  Call the Records Unit at (206) 263-2626 for details. 


    Why can't I just do a renewal if I already have an expired CPL?

    An expired license is just that - EXPIRED.  A license that is expired beyond 90 days is invalid and requires an original application process.  You can begin the application by scheduling an appointment for an original CPL with the QLess system.  See the SCHEDULING APPOINTMEN tab on this page.


    Washington has reciprocity for Concealed Pistol Licenses issued by several other states, so long as the handgun is carried in accordance with WA state law. The Washington State Attorney General's web site provides a list of those states that have reciprocity with WA for Concealed Pistol Licenses.