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Who should you contact?

Your Employer Transportation Representative (ETR) for all questions about the meeting the requirements of the CTR law, completing the annual report or survey, or implementing and promoting your commute program.

Your city's CTR Coordinator to talk with someone directly in your local government about their CTR ordinance or other city transportation policies.

A Washington State Department of Transportation CTR staff member for questions about the statewide CTR program.

A CTR Board member to speak to a CTR state policy maker or visit the CTR Board website to learn about their meetings and topics.

Program Managers providing assistance with Commute Solutions and the ORCA Pass Program.

Ask Your Employer Transportation Representative (ETR) about  the ORCA Pass Program and how it works with Commute Trip Reduction

Not sure who to call?  Contact us via:

Phone:  (206) 477-5858

Questions about
Commute Trip Reduction
ORCA Passes? 
Contact your 
Employer Transportation Representative.

King County Metro - CTR Services
201 S Jackson St
MS: KSC-TR-0326
Seattle, WA  98104

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