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Promoting your commute program can be fun and easy with these marketing tools and commuter promotions!

  • Customize and produce your CTR Program Summary, a brochure or web page that describes the commute benefits available to employees.
  • Promote Wheel Options in the fall.
  • Promote Bike-to-work day/month in May.
  • Download colorful commute posters, transportation fair fliers (195KB MS Word) or Earn Rewards (725KB PDF) posters announcing your event.  The Earn Rewards poster is fillable and you can enter your event and contact information.  You will need to provide an incentive reward to draw your employees to the event.  Your ETR may be able to assist in providing an incentive reward.   
  • Create your own pieces with commute clip art (159KB .ZIP) and photos (NOTE: large file sizes).
  • Order 12 x 18 HOV metal parking signs and hanging permit tags.
  • Order a 24 x 32 or 24 x 20 Commuter board to display commute posters, brochures, etc. 
  • Order 11 x 17 pre-printed, colorful commute posters
  • Request Metro or Sound Transit Free Ride Tickets from your ETR.  These Free Ride Tickets can be used for special incentives or allows an employee to try bus service.
  • Print additional Metro Online/ bookmarks. (734KB .PDF)

Steps to promoting your CTR program

The CTR Law requires the following promotional activities:

  1. Post the ETC’s name and contact information in a visible location.
  2. Develop and distribute the CTR Program Summary to CTR-affected employees at least once each year (twice each year in the City of Seattle) and to new employees at the time of hire.

Additionally, you should:

  1. Distribute or post other relevant commute information on a regular basis
  2. Check to see if your local CTR ordinance has additional promotional requirements
  3. Check your approved program to see if your company has committed to conducting additional promotions.