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The CTR program has six main requirements. Major employers in King County must: 
  1. Appoint an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC): The ETC serves as the point person for communication with the City and with employees.

  2. Develop a commute program: The CTR Law calls on major employers to develop an employee commute program that will likely reduce the number and length of drive alone commutes made to the worksite.

  3. Submit a regular employer program report: After developing a commute program, major employers must submit the program to the city for approval. The Program Report is filed online but the signature page and a copy of the Program Summary for Employees is emailed for approval.

  4. Implement program as approved: Companies must implement the program described in the employer program report that was approved by the jurisdiction.

  5. Inform employees: Within 60 days of program approval, companies must send a summary of the commute program to all employees. This is usually done via a brochure or a link to the company's intranet site page about commuting. The program summary brochure must also be given to new employees at the time of hire. Some jurisdictions, such as Seattle, require companies to distribute the program summary to all employees TWICE a year. Learn more about your jurisdiction's information distribution requirements.

  6. Measure progress--survey employee commutes: Every two years companies must survey employees to measure employee commute behavior.  The number of drive alone commute trips is measured through the Drive Alone Rate and the length of drive alone commute trips is measured through the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) per employee.  Benchmark goals are set based on the previous survey results

Getting started with CTR!

Review the presentation

Review the presentation on the requirements and effectiveness of the CTR Program. Use all or part of it to brief management.

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