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CTR-affected worksites must conduct a measure of employee commute behavior every two years to determine progress toward CTR goals. They are also required to conduct a baseline measure of employee commutes within 90 days of becoming affected by the CTR Law. The primary measurement tool is the state-provided CTR Employee Survey Questionnaire; it is available in two formats:
  • Online survey (click link for information, tools and link to online survey)
  • Paper survey  (click link for information and tools)
The survey measures employee commute behavior in two ways: vehicle miles traveled per employee (VMT) and Non Drive Alone Trip (NDAT) for the employee population surveyed. In addition, the survey provides data on employee preferences for incentives and commute change, home zip codes and is useful in identifying areas for program improvement.

Training is offered regularly for the state provided survey process. Employers are also allowed to use pre-approved equivalent data instead of the survey.

The State Guide to Employee Surveys (449KB .PDF) can provide answers to most technical survey questions. Highlights listed below:

  • Sampling Your worksite (334KB .PDF)
  • Using Equivalent data Instead of the state survey form
  • Steps to Surveying