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Foreign language translations guides can be used with the online or paper survey process.  Only the first five questions on the front side of the survey have been translated by the State as they are the required questions which affect the survey results. These guides must be used in conjunction with the surveys, not in place of the surveys.

Using foreign language translation guides with paper surveys

  1. Distribute the CTR survey questionnaire along with the foreign language guide to those employees requiring the translations. Provide them with directions to fill in the bubbles on the CTR survey questionnaire while using the translation to understand the questions.
  2. After you have collected the surveys and are preparing them for pickup, make sure you are returning only the CTR questionnaires. The foreign language guides cannot be scanned, and will not contribute to your survey results if they are returned for processing.
  3. If you have large populations needing survey translations, please contact your Employer Transportation Representative for suggestions on distribution and collection tips specific to this situation.

Using foreign language translation guides with the online survey

  1. Distribute the foreign language translation guides to employees as needed and have them complete the translation guide in place of the survey. 
  2. Collect the foreign language translation guides and manually enter them into the online survey.  The foreign language surveys must be entered into the online system in order to contribute to your survey results. 
    1. If you decided to survey using your domain name(s), create a fictional e-mail address for each translation guide returned.  Use the fictional e-mail addresses to enter each survey into the online system. The survey questions and the questions on the translation guides follow the same order, however, you may also download a sample of the paper survey (156KB .PDF) which has the same format as the translation guides
    2. If you decided to upload specific e-mail addresses to the online survey, contact our Online CTR Survey Coordinator, Greg King, for assistance in entering the foreign language translation guides.

Available language translations (PDF):

Note: Only the first five questions have been translated by the State at this time.