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When surveying online you can choose how your employees will log in to the online survey site. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Use the table below to help you decide which method is right for you.

Domain Name Anyone with an email account can fill out the survey

- Easy to set up.

- No way to track non-respondents.
- Multi site companies run the risk of employees selecting the incorrect worksite at login.

Upload Upload email addresses for each person to be surveyed.

Each employee uses his or her own email address to log in to the survey site

- Greater control over who may access online survey
- You can track and email people who have not yet completed survey. This allows you to send an email reminder to individuals who have not yet completed the survey.


- More time consuming to set up. You must compile an email list of the individuals to be surveyed

    Survey tips:

    • Visibly involve management - have email or reminders come from senior management
    • Have a prize drawing for all employees who complete survey on the first day, second day, etc.
    • Recruit help at the work group level to track responses and send reminder emails!