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On non baseline surveys, there is a required 70% response rate on the state-provided survey.

Number of surveys completed
Paper surveys that can't be scanned (Paper survey only)
÷ Number of employees survey was distributed to
= Response Rate (%)

The state also requires a minimum response rate of 50% for the your CTR survey to be considered valid. Employers who do not meet this minimum response rate will need to re-survey their employees during the same survey cycle.

Steps to Surveying

You will be notified at least 45 days in advance of your survey period. You can contact your ETR to determine the survey schedule for your site. If you need an extension on the timing of your survey, please send a written request.

  1. Determine whom you will survey.
  2. Decide whether you will use the online or paper survey format.
  3. Complete and return a Survey Response Form.
  4. Distribute survey instrument to employees. There is a required 70% response rate on the state-provided survey.
  5. Collect completed surveys from employees if paper survey was conducted.
  6. To return paper surveys, email your ETR for courier pick-up. Review the Paper Survey Pick-up Instructions for additional information. Remember to complete your Employer ID sheet and include it with your surveys.
  7. To close out an online survey, email your ETR.
  8. Review your survey results report when it is sent to you.