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What the survey measures

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) and Transportation Management Plan (TMP) programs measure progress by an increase in Non Dive Alone Trips (NDAT) and decrease in Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).

Companies affected by the CTR law can meet their trip reduction targets with either NDAT or VMT reductions. TMP targets vary. Please check your TMP document or contact your jurisdiction for more details.


Each jurisdiction sets CTR targets for companies located within the city boundaries. Companies must make progress towards its targets at every biennial survey.

What happens if a company does not meet goal or make progress?

Companies that do not meet their NDAT or VMT targets and fail to make progress toward the goal (in other words, the survey shows both a decrease in NDAT and an increase in VMT compared to previous survey) must improve their CTR program with elements that are likely to increase Non Drive Alone Trips or reduce VMT. King County Metro Commute Trip Reduction Services will work collaboratively with companies that fail to make progress to identify program enhancements that will likely lead to increased NDAT or decreased VMT in the next survey.