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The online survey is a time-saving, results-producing choice for woksites where a large majority of employees have access to the internet and a unique email address. It provides easy-to-use tools for you to fully manage the survey process. We encourage you to consider and try the online survey. Review "Have You Tried the Online CTR Survey" to determine if surveying online is an option for your worksite.

Features of the online survey

Supplemental questions library - Worksites using the online survey method have the option of choosing from a library of supplemental questions that may provide additional insight into the effectiveness of their program. Results from these questions will be sent in a separate data file from your regular CTR survey report. These questions must be set up by the ETC in advance of the survey start date.

List of supplemental questions
Adding supplemental questions tutorial

Employee groups - The online survey allows for further separation of employees into distinct employee groups. This allows for tracking response rates within specific workgroups in your organization as well as conducting prize drawings as incentives for completing the survey. Your worksite must be set up for access by employee groups prior to your survey start. The ETC will need to provide a name and employee count for each group.

To see what employees will experience when they take the online survey

  • Go to
  • Create a mock email address using as the domain (example and click the “Login” button immediately below the email box.
  • Choose the “King County Training” from the list, and click the “Select” button.
  • Finally complete the survey and click the “Next” button at the bottom of each page.

To see the tools available to ETCs to manage the online survey, you can login to the ETC access site with these credentials:

Once you've decided to use the online survey, we have the following additional tools to make the process smooth and efficient.

Steps to Surveying Online:

Before Survey Period:

  1. Determine when you will survey. You can contact your Employee Transportation Representative to find out the survey schedule for your site.
  2. Decide if you will use your company's domain name or employee email name as the log in for employees to take the survey.
  3. Complete and submit a Survey Response Form.
  4. Upon receiving your login and password, explore the ETC tool and upload your email list (if needed).

During Survey Period:

  1. Email the survey link to employees with instructions on how and when to complete the survey.
  2. Check response rate and send a reminder mid-week if needed. There is a required 70% response rate for the state-provided survey.

After Survey Closes:

  1. Email your ETR notifying them you've accomplished the survey process.