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The Access Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC) enhances Metro’s Access paratransit program by advising the agency on priorities and areas of mutual concern while developing a vision for ongoing improvements.

About Access Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC)

The Access Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC) will advise Metro, the King County Executive and King County Council on transit issues and policy related to matters of equal access to public transportation for persons with disabilities. Metro’s Access Paratransit program serves people with disabilities who are unable to use fixed-route buses, helping them lead more independent lives. This committee was established by King County Ordinance #18838 in November of 2018.

Annual Report to King County Council

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Date: Second Monday of every month
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location: Virtual meeting
Join meeting: Via Microsoft Teams

APAC meetings are open to the public, but please note that the committee is not a decision-making body, so it does not accept public comment. If you wish to express your views on transit, including Access, to decision makers, the King County Council's Regional Transit Committee and the Mobility Committee meet regularly and offer time on their agendas for public comment.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and materials
Meeting accommodations

APAC meetings include:

  • Wheelchair and mobility aide accessible meeting rooms and restrooms
  • Use of amplified sound/microphone and projection screen visible from all seating
  • Service animals are allowed
  • Electrical outlets are available
  • CART/Captioning
  • On street handicap paid parking

For Additional Accommodations Request

Additional reasonable accommodations and/or written material available in alternate formats are available upon request at least 10 days before the meeting, if less than 10 days we may not be able to fulfill your request.

To request an accommodation, you can:

The purpose of Metro’s advisory committee is to create a medium through which the public can advise Metro, the King County Executive, the King County Council, local jurisdictions and subarea transportation forums on transit issues and policy related to ADA civil rights law and equal access to public transportation for persons with disabilities.

The APAC is specifically charged with:
  1. Providing advice and counsel on Access paratransit service and identifying opportunities for continued improvement
  2. Aiding in the development of long-range planning efforts
  3. Serving as a resource for transit promotion
  4. Providing advice and counsel on Access paratransit service and identifying opportunities for continued improvement
  5. Developing and delivering an annual report beginning in August 2020 on Access, to include:
    1. A review of and comment on the Metro's annual performance metrics and trends relevant to Access
    2. Assessment and feedback on information from customer surveys distributed by the Metro relevant to Access

The committee is appointed by the King County Executive and approved by the King County Council for two-year appointments.

Membership is comprised of Access riders, family members of Access riders, representatives of organizations that provide services to Access riders and representatives of organizations that support Access riders who have limited English proficiency.

Current members
Name District
Kristina Sawyckyj District 1
Position is vacant District 2
Dorene Cornwell District 2
Position is vacant District 3
Deborah Artis District 4
Position is vacant District 5
Position is vacant District 6
Position is vacant District 6
Position is vacant District 7
Position is vacant District 8
Position is vacant District 9

 Access Paratransit Advisory Committee Engagement Report

Prior to APAC, King County Metro convened the Access Task force in April 2018 to support Access riders, their caregivers, and other community stakeholders with an opportunity to advise Metro on its paratransit program. The Access Task Force members provided guidance and advised Metro on responding to the 2017 King County Auditors’ report, advised on a new proposal for a provider, and the implementation of the new provider contract in 2019.

The Access Task Force (2018-2019) was also built upon the important community work from the past several years. In 2016, Metro secured a grant to support inclusive planning. A Community Advisory Group was formed in 2016-2017 to represent the interests of Metro Access riders as County staff prepared a request for proposals from paratransit service providers. After the County released this request for proposal, Metro then put the procurement process on hold to ensure that the future contract would reflect community recommendations. In the Fall of 2017, Metro convened an RFP workgroup that was specifically tasked with advising Metro on how to improve its request for proposal for a new contract.

Following the discerning input provided by the Access Task Force during the procurement process, King County Council commissioned Metro to form APAC to continue to promote responsiveness and accountability to the community as its new contractor began operations.

Archive of Past Access Task Force Meetings

Download files include agendas, minutes, and supporting documents for each meeting date listed below:

About King County Metro’s Access Paratransit Service

King County Metro's Access Paratransit Service provided 9,876,720 miles of rides for over 14,000 registered riders in 2018. Access is Metro’s American Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit program for persons whose disabilities prevent them from using Metro’s traditional bus service. The Access program provides next-day shared rides and is intended to offer a comparable level of service to that provided by regular bus service. Metro is committed to providing equal access in all its services. See King County Metro's Accessible Services webpage for more information.


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