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The Access Task Force enhances Metro’s Access paratransit program by advising the agency on priorities and areas of mutual concern while developing a vision for ongoing improvements.

About the task force

King County Metro convened the task force in April 2018 to support Access riders, their caregivers, and other community stakeholders with an opportunity to advise Metro on its paratransit program. Having input from our stakeholders is valuable as Access responds to a 2017 King County Auditors’ report and implements a new service provider contract.

This Task Force builds on important community work from the past several years. In 2016, Metro secured a grant to support inclusive planning. A Community Advisory Group was formed in 2016-2017 to represent the interests of Metro Access riders as County staff prepared a request for proposals from paratransit service providers. After the County released this request for proposal, Metro then put the procurement process on hold to ensure that the future contract would reflect community recommendations. In the Fall of 2017, Metro convened a RFP workgroup that was specifically tasked with advising Metro on how to improve its request for proposal for a new contract.

Members are comprised of riders and/or family members, representatives of human service organizations that serve Access riders, and additional members of the public that are reflective of the communities that Access serves, which includes people with disabilities, people who speak English as a second language, and all geographic locations in King County.


Download files that include agendas, minutes, and supporting documents for each meeting date listed below:


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