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Metro Transit Facilities Guidelines
April 2018
These guidelines are used internally and provide a framework for the design, permitting, and construction of Metro’s transit facilities.
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Annual System Evaluation
October 2017
Metro analyzes its transit system annually using the service guidelines, and uses this report to plan and manage the system.
Transit Speed and Reliability Guidelines and Strategies
March 2017
This toolkit outlines strategies Metro can use to partner with jurisdictions and stakeholders to improve transit speed and reliability.
Metro's Long-Range Plan
Updated January 2017
King County Metro Transit's vision for bringing you more service, more choices, and one easy-to-use system over the next 25 years.
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2015 Strategic Plan Progress Report
June 2016
This annual report lets the public see how Metro is doing on 61 performance measures — safety and security, customer satisfaction, service reliability, cost control, energy efficiency and more.
Strategic Plan for Public Transportation 2011-2021
Updated 2015
This report describes a vision for the future of King County's public transportation system and sets objectives, goals, and strategies for getting there.
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Service Guidelines
Updated 2015
Metro uses service guidelines to evaluate, design and modify transit services to meet changing needs and to deliver efficient, high-quality service.
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Report and Recommendations
October 2015
In 2015, a task force appointed by the County Council reviewed Metro’s service guidelines and recommended changes that are presented in this report.
Service Guidelines Task Force
Established February 2015
King County Council has asked Metro to form a new task force to further analyze how transit service is evaluated and allocated.

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