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The SCU is comprised of Detectives working in a plainclothes capacity while engaging in proactive enforcement of laws, code of conduct violations and quality of life issues that affect Metro Transit ridership, employees, routes and facilities. SCU members routinely ride Metro Transit coaches covertly to accomplish this task. 

The Metro SCU is the only undercover unit of its kind that dedicates safety and enforcement efforts throughout Metro's service area.

SCU duties

SCU members also perform the following duties:

  • Conduct and coordinate undercover operations in the transit environment, which include narcotics, gang, vice and robbery investigations.
  • Complete special projects initiated by Security Incident Reports written by coach operators, customer requests and patrol deputy incident reports.
  • Specifically address concerns and identify issues along Metro's most challenging routes.
  • Initiate and conduct follow-up investigations to transit related criminal activity.
  • Assist other KCSO units and outside LE agencies with transit related investigations and locating offenders.
  • Conduct frequent coach boarding's and coach rides.

SCU members regularly come into contact with coach operators to personally address any concerns that may arise along their routes.