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We offer free telework consulting services to help your business set up a turn-key program for telework or compressed work weeks.

Employer Benefits [1]

  • 10%-20% Improved productivity
  • Lower real estate costs 10%-90%
  • Lower emissions/environmental cost
  • Reduced commuting costs
  • Continuity of operations in emergencies that affect traffic (accidents, weather, construction)

Employee Benefits [2]

  • Reduced stress from commuting
  • More comfortable environment
  • Fewer distractions
  • Gas Savings, wear & tear on car, lunch, dry cleaning
  • Fewer interruptions from colleagues

1,2 (based on 60+ National Case Studies)

Why formalize your teleworking program? 7

A formal program provides policies, procedures and training for the organization and its employees.

  • 63% informal programs
  • 37% formal programs
Prevalence of flexibility programs
(Flexible start/stop times)
Shift flexibility
Compressed workweeks
4/10, 9/80

7 (WorldatWork 2015)

Success stories

Free Webinar Series

King County Metro and WorkSmart invite you to watch our webinar video series. WorkSmart is a free resource provided by King County Metro to provide one-on-one consulting to employers that want to implement, expand and improve teleworking and alternative work hour programs.

Webinar 4

Teleworking during COVID-19: Lessons learned over the past nine months

The webinar will cover lessons and trends that organizations and employees are realizing as a result of working from home in the past nine months.

Presented on January 19, 2021


Webinar 3

The Road to Success for Teleworkers in the Era of COVID-19

The webinar will review best practices for teleworkers on topics such as: planning telework days, developing goals and deliverables, ensuring communications with managers and coworkers, setting up a home office, dealing with distractions, and improving productivity while accommodating work/life balance.

Presented on August 6th, 2020


Webinar 2

Collaborative Technologies for Telework

This webinar will review solutions that are readily available for collaboration. Everything from Zoom to Teams, Skype, Chat, etc. will be discussed at an easy to understand level so that employers can more clearly understand the technology and communication needs for business continuity.

Presented on July 30th, 2020


Webinar 1

Remote Management & Teleworking Culture: The COVID-19 Era

This webinar explores key topics for establishing a successful telework program during and after COVID-19. These topics include work performance, employee engagement, telework agreements, the legalese of teleworking and more. Strategies will be discussed for managers on communications, developing goals and deliverables, remote management of teams, tracking of challenges and resolutions, and virtual collaboration while teleworking.

Presented on July 16th, 2020