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scooter and bike at northgate

New bike share and scooter share options are a great way to connect to transit in Seattle, White Center, Bothell and Redmond.With the Bike & Scoot to Transit pilot program, you can access transit hubs via bike share or scooter share and earn discounted trips, free mobile transit tickets and Transit Go Rewards points to use for future trips. Start riding and earning today!

The “Bike & Scoot to Transit” pilot program will run through March 31, 2023, or while project funding is available.

Combine bike share or scooter share with transit and expand your world.

Cover more miles

Bike or scoot to a nearby park and ride or light rail station and get access to the places you want to go.

Faster commutes

Spend less time in traffic, spend more time doing what matters to you.

Healthy, happy trips

Fun, fresh air, and exercise for you, reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air for us all.

What are bike share and scooter share services?

Bike share and scooter share services let you rent the nearest available electric bike or foot scooter and ride it to where you want to go. Once you complete your trip, be sure to park your rental out of pedestrian and transit paths and ready for the next rider, and look out for preferred parking areas on the bike share and scooter share apps. Local bike share and scooter share services include Bird, Lime, LINK and Veo. Stay safe by wearing a helmet and following local rules for scooters and bikes. If you qualify for ORCA LIFT or the Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP), you likely qualify for rides at a reduced cost (PDF).

Ride any bike share or scooter share service to select transit hubs and save up to $8 on your trip!

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up for Transit GO Rewards, and earn rewards points that can be redeemed for transit tickets or credits from participating bike share and scooter share services.
  2. Download the Bird, Lime, LINK or Veo app and take a qualifying trip* to select LINK light rail stations, transit hubs, or park and rides.
  3. Automatically get up to $8 off your qualifying trip, or an equivalent credit towards your next trip.**

After taking a qualifying trip, look out for special offers from the bike share and scooter services for free transit tickets and chances to earn more Transit Go Rewards points. Make sure you have updated your profile on each app with your contact info to make sure you receive these offers.

*To take a qualifying trip, rent a Bird, Lime, LINK or Veo bike or scooter, and end your trip within the borders of the areas shown in the map below.

**Please see each participating service’s offer details and terms (PDFs) below:

Bird (PDF), Lime (PDF), LINK (PDF), Veo (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

You can download the Bird, Lime, LINK or Veo app and create an account to rent a bike share or scooter share vehicle. If you do not have a smart phone, each company provides other ways to access bikes and scooters. Please note that discounted trips on Link scooters are not currently available through this pilot.

After taking a qualifying trip, Bird, Lime, LINK and Veo will provide offers for free transit tickets and opportunities to earn Transit Go Rewards points by taking surveys about your experience connecting to transit by bike share and scooter share. You will need to download the Transit GO Ticket app and register for the Transit GO Rewards program in order to access these tickets and surveys.

To get your $8 discount or credit on a qualifying trip, just rent a scooter share or bike share from Bird, Lime, LINK or Veo and end your trip within the boundaries of the areas shown on the map. Every week throughout the pilot, after taking at least one qualifying trip, the service provider on which you took the trip will send an email, text, or in-app notification with an offer for free mobile transit tickets on the Transit GO Ticket app, and chances to win Transit Go Rewards points.

Bird Terms and Condition (PDF)

Lime Terms and Conditions (PDF)

LINK Terms and Condition (PDF)

Veo Terms and Condition (PDF)

Be sure to park your bike or scooter upright at a bike rack, bike share or scooter share corral, or along the curb while leaving at least six feet around for pedestrians to pass. Keep bus stops and bus shelters clear to allow for fellow transit riders to get on and off the bus. Do not leave your bike or scooter in parking stalls at park and rides.

Check for preferred parking locations. These will be marked on each app’s map and are places where it is safe to park a bike or scooter and allows others to easily find a bike or scooter for their next trips.

Bike and scooter share assistance: Bird, Lime, LINK by Superpedestrian and Veo

Transit GO Rewards Assistance

Call 1-844-202-0082

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