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New mobility services in Des Moines

Metro and the City of Des Moines are working to bring new mobility services to the city’s growing communities.

In May and June 2017, we asked people who work in Des Moines to help us identify local transportation needs that might be filled through our Community Connections program. In August we asked them for feedback on several innovative mobility services that might meet those needs.

Public feedback and discussions with our stakeholders showed interest and support for three new services, listed below.

New services

Users will be able to request rides in Metro VanPools without having to commit to a recurring trip. Trip pairs include rides between home neighborhoods and work, home neighborhoods and transit centers, and work and transit centers.

A smaller Metro bus route that includes a fixed-route part with regular stops and flexible service stops for which riders call ahead to schedule a pickup or drop-off.

Workers can check out Metro vehicles located at worksites during designated times. Provides midday transportation options for workers who take transit or use VanPools to get to work.

Shuttle bus with Link train in background
Check out the new Des Moines Community Shuttle

News release:
Connecting a thriving new Des Moines business park to high-capacity light rail (Jan. 30, 2018)

Shuttle schedule

Why Des Moines?

The Des Moines Creek Business Park, which opened in 2016, is expected to bring 2,500 new workers to the area, including 1,600 when the Federal Aviation Administration moves its regional headquarters there in 2018. The business park is part of a larger project area that includes S 216th Street and the downtown Des Moines Marina District. Today, workers and residents in these areas have no direct transit connection to the Angle Lake light rail station.

Have a say

Community involvement

Stakeholder working group—This group includes representatives from employers, developers, and other Des Moines organizations. It gave us input about transportation needs, advised us on how to best reach people working in the area, and helped us decide which solutions to move forward with. We'll continue to work with this group as we roll out our new services.

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Contact us

Jenna Franklin
Community Relations Planner
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About Community Connections

Community Connections is a four-year (2015-2018) demonstration program in which Metro works with local governments and community partners to develop innovative and cost-efficient transportation solutions in areas of King County that don’t have the infrastructure, density, or land use to support regular, fixed-route bus service.

The program aims to develop, test, and evaluate new transportation services that take advantage of innovative ideas, unique partnerships, and/or emerging technology.

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