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Do you work or go to school in Eastgate or Factoria? If so, we’d like your help improving commutes.

Metro and the City of Bellevue have joined together to bring innovative transportation service to Eastgate and Factoria neighborhoods. Thousands of workers and students rely on transit to get to work and school in these areas each day, but regular bus service doesn’t meet all of the community’s transportation needs. We’re asking people who work in these two communities to help us identify local transportation needs that might be filled through our Community Connections program.

The program explores both tried-and-true approaches—like Metro routes with flexible services areas that are operated through a Metro/community partnership—and cutting-edge ideas like flexible, on-demand ridesharing that uses an app to connect drivers with people who want rides right away.

Why Eastgate and Factoria?

Eastgate and Factoria are home to more than 26,800 workers, 36,000 college students, and 5,500 residents. Although the area is served by several express and local bus routes, many of the jobs there are not within easy walking distance of frequent bus service.

Have a say

Community involvement

Metro and the City of Bellevue are receiving guidance from employers during this outreach, in the form of input about transportation needs and gaps as well as advice and assistance to help us reach as many people as possible.

Individuals who work or go to school in the project area can get involved in this project by taking our survey and checking this website for updates about upcoming events.

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Jenna Franklin
Community Relations Planner
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About Community Connections

Metro’s Community Connections program brings service to parts of King County that don't have the infrastructure, density, or land use patterns to support a dense network of traditional fixed-route bus service. In such areas, alternative services may be a better match for community transportation needs. They may also be more cost-effective.

This four-year demonstration program is an opportunity to experiment with innovative transportation solutions.

Learn more about the program and the solutions we’re considering or already providing in other communities.

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