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Do you live in or around Normandy Park? If so, we’d like your help improving transportation there.

Metro has partnered with the City of Normandy Park to bring innovative transportation service to its residents. In September and October, we’re asking the community to help us identify local transportation needs that might be filled through our Community Connections program.

The program explores both tried-and-true approaches—like Metro routes with flexible services areas that are operated through a Metro/community partnership—and cutting-edge ideas like flexible, on-demand ridesharing that uses an app to connect drivers with people who want rides right away.

We want to hear from you!

If you live in the Normandy Park area, please tell us about your transportation needs by taking our survey by October 23.

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If you’d like the survey in a different format, or a paper copy, please contact us.

Why Normandy Park?

Today, Normandy Park does not have good connections to high-capacity regional transit. There’s no way to get to Link light rail by transit without a transfer. Buses don’t come very often along First Avenue S (Normandy Park’s main corridor), and they’re too far away for many residents to reach on foot. Yet the city is home to a number of employers and a growing senior population that would benefit from new transportation solutions in the area.

Have a say

Community involvement

As part of this project, Metro formed a stakeholder working group whose membership includes representatives from employers, developers, and other organizations in the project area. This group is giving us input about transportation needs and gaps, as well as advice and assistance to help us reach as many people as possible through public surveys and other outreach methods. It will also participate in the design of potential solutions to meet local transportation needs.

Community members can take part by filling out our surveys, signing up to receive project updates via email or text, and/or checking this website for updates and information about upcoming events.

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Contact us

Jenna Franklin
Community Relations Planner
Send Jenna an email
or call 206-477-6679

About Community Connections

In this four-year (2015-2018) demonstration program, Metro works with local governments and community partners to develop innovative and cost-efficient transportation solutions in parts of King County that don’t have the infrastructure, density, or land use to support regular, fixed-route bus service.

The program aims to develop, test, and evaluate new transportation services that take advantage of innovative ideas, unique partnerships, and/or emerging technology.

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