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Do you live in Tukwila? If so, we’d like your help improving mobility solutions in your community.

King County Metro partnered with the City of Tukwila to bring innovative mobility solutions to the residents of Tukwila. This winter we asked residents of Tukwila to help us identify local mobility needs that might be filled through our Community Connections program. We will use the feedback we received to develop potential solutions that our Community Connections program can help provide.

Why Tukwila?

Tukwila is well connected to the regional transit network, but geographic and physical barriers, including I-405 and I-5, limit some residents’ access to this network. Many residents live in places that are not within walking distance of transit, and current transit options in several of the city’s neighborhoods are indirect or infrequent. Additionally, the Tukwila International Boulevard Station and Interurban Avenue South park & ride lots are nearly full by early morning.

Have a say

Community involvement

As part of this project, Metro and City staff formed a Stakeholder Working Group that will help engage the Tukwila residential community in this project, identify residential transportation needs in Tukwila, and inform the development of mobility solutions to meet these needs.

Members of the Stakeholder Working Group include Tukwila residents, as well as local organizations that represent the interests of Tukwila residents, including Partner in Employment, Hopelink, REWA, Global to Local, the Tukwila School District, and the Tukwila Food Pantry.

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About Community Connections

Community Connections outreach is part of Metro’s Mobility Division. Metro is committed to becoming a mobility agency that both provides public transportation and integrates new travel options. By becoming a mobility agency Metro is positioned to fulfill our mission: Provide the best possible public transportation services and improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County. Community Connections outreach contributes to this vision by identifying and implementing new and innovative mobility solutions that complement public transit in King County.

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