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Helping to improve commutes in SODO

In July 2017, SODO workers told us about their transportation needs. We used this input to develop six innovative transportation service concepts. Then we asked: would these services help you get where you want to go in SODO?

Six service concepts

Bus Route Extensions on Limited Trips

Instead of going out of service while driving through SODO back to bus bases, certain Metro bus trips could be extended to provide service to SODO during certain times of the day.

Flex VanPool

Users will be able to request rides in Metro VanPools without having to commit to a recurring trip. Trip pairs include rides between home neighborhoods and work, home neighborhoods and transit centers, and work and transit centers.

Community Ride

A reservation-based service that travels within a specific service area based on where people want to go during the middle of the day.

Get Your Ride

An on-demand ride service for people who need to connect to or from a transit hub when it’s dark out.

SODO Pathway Improvements

Targeted pathway improvements to make it safer to walk to transit.

Bike Share Partnerships

A bike share service allows individuals to use a bike for a short period of time to get from one place to another within a few miles.


Metro has been working with the City of Seattle and the SODO Business Improvement Area to make it easier for more people to get where they need to go in the SODO (south of downtown) district.

The SODO District is a key employment center in Seattle, but many of its workers have schedules that are not served by current bus service. Also, the pedestrian environment in SODO doesn’t make it easy to use transit. The result is that many SODO commuters drive alone.

Metro wants to add new transportation solutions that reduce congestion and make it easier for people to get to work in SODO.

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Once the Nov. 2017 concepts survey closes, we’ll review community feedback with the help of a stakeholder working group to help us decide which concepts to try out.

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About Community Connections

Metro’s Community Connections program brings service to parts of King County that don't have the infrastructure, density, or land use patterns to support a dense network of traditional fixed-route bus service. In such areas, alternative services may be a better match for community transportation needs. They may also be more cost-effective.

This four-year demonstration program is an opportunity to experiment with innovative transportation solutions.

Learn more about the program and the solutions we’re considering or already providing in other communities.

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