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Metro’s Innovative Mobility Program is leveraging emerging mobility services and new technologies to give people more ways to get around in King County. Through strategic research initiatives and service pilots, Metro is exploring approaches such as shared mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service, automated vehicles, and Smart Cities.

Metro believes that the best innovations come out of partnerships among government agencies, communities, and the private sector. Please reach out and share your ideas for delivering innovative mobility in King County!


Mike Rimoin
Innovative Mobility Program Manager
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King County Metro Transit
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201 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Innovative Mobility Action Agenda

Metro has a long record of advancing innovative transportation concepts, from installing bike racks on our coaches and launching our vanpool program in the 1970s, to incubating Flexcar car share and Pronto bikeshare in the 2000s. Now we’re moving into a new era. Our Innovative Mobility Action Agenda charts our policy direction along the following six strategies:

Shared Mobility

Current projects:

Electric, Connected, and Automated

Current projects:

Data Management and Smart Cities

Current projects:

  • Data sharing platforms and trusted data repositories
  • Transit signal prioritization
Infrastructure and Built Form Efficiency

Current projects:

  • Visioning of Eastgate park & ride as a mobility hub
Culture of Innovation

Metro is embracing change by:

  • Expanding our role—from service provider to mobility management.
  • Advancing needed regulatory changes to reduce barriers to innovation.

Policy framework

Long-Range Plan

The Innovative Mobility Program is based on and guided by Metro's long-range plan, METRO CONNECTS, which reflects the following goals and values:

  • Safety
    Keep transit service safe for our customers, employees, and communities.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    Continually improve our customers' transit experience.
  • Sustainability
    Protect the world we live in.
  • Equity and Social Justice
    Help build social equity and opportunities for everyone in King County.
  • Partnerships
    Collaborate with cities and agencies on transit improvements.
  • Innovation
    Embrace and lead change.

METRO CONNECTS' vision for innovation: "Rapidly advancing technologies are changing the ways people travel. METRO CONNECTS envisions Metro setting the bar for technological innovations in transit by investing and nurturing a culture of innovation…[Metro will] continually evaluate 'business as usual' and create new ways to serve customers better."

Shared Mobility Report

Metro and the Seattle Department of Transportation collaborated in a first analysis of the growth and potential impact of shared mobility and other relevant and projected industry innovations.

The challenge of this exercise was to use the existing limited data sets and methodologies to analyze this new space, with so many unknown variables at play. The report explores a variety of issues, from gauging demand for new mobility modes and potential mode shift, to the changing economics of providing transit services, to the spatial opportunities created by these innovations.