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Eastgate Park & Ride, a new way to Ride2 it!

Starting October 23rd, travel with Ride2 to/from the Eastgate Park & Ride and connect to bus service to Downtown Seattle, the University District, Downtown Bellevue, and Issaquah.

Download the Ride2 Park & Ride app!

What is Ride2?

Ride2 is a new service starting October 23rd, brought to you by King County Metro, providing a car-free connection from home, school or work to transit at Eastgate Park & Ride (and the other way around). Why? We understand that your daily commute can be challenging, whether you are racing for a park & ride parking spot or don't have an easy connection to the park & ride. Ride2 will get you to the park & ride so you can catch your bus and go where you need to, with greater peace of mind. If you are arriving at Eastgate Park & Ride on the bus, you can also use Ride2 for a short trip to home, work or school.

How much does it cost for a ride? Ride2 is free for passengers for a limited time. After an introductory period, regular Metro fares will apply—meaning, if using an ORCA card, you will pay one fare and transfer to your bus without any additional fare.

This is how it works:

  • Book a ride on-demand or schedule it in advance with the Ride2 Park & Ride app or by calling 866-750-5057.
  • Ride2 Eastgate is offered in the defined service area only, with the Eastgate Park & Ride as an origin or destination for all trips.
  • The service is available Monday through Friday 6-10 AM and 4-8 PM, except holidays.
  • Expect to be picked up 10-15 minutes after your trip request; pick-up location may require a short walk.
  • Rides will be shared with other Metro customers, while assuring you get to your destination promptly.
  • Connect with bus service to/from Downtown Seattle, the University District, Downtown Bellevue, and Issaquah.

How to use the app

Install the app and register

Once you download the Ride2 Park & Ride app, the first step is to register. Let us know if you are a wheelchair user or require assistance boarding, and share your ORCA card to support our ongoing efforts to improve our services.

Request a ride

Request a ride to Eastgate Park & Ride. Enter the address of your start point, and choose whether you want to leave now or schedule a trip for later.

Go to your pick-up location

Go to your assigned nearby pick-up location, no more than 5 minutes away. You will receive notifications to make sure you don’t miss your ride. Please note that the driver is instructed to wait only two minutes at the pick-up location.

Arrive at Eastgate Park & Ride

Arrive at Eastgate Park & Ride and connect to all transit services available. Please rate your trip; we value your input as we refine the Ride2 service.

Taking Ride2 at Eastgate

You can also use Ride2 as a last mile connection after you get off transit at the Eastgate Park & Ride. Book your ride with Eastgate as your start point to any location within the service area. Your Ride2 vehicle will pick you up at the Access platform (pictured).


Ride2 intends to deliver a service that is accessible to all. Our initial solutions to make Ride2 accessible are shown below. Please reach out to us with your suggestions to further expand access.

Mobility assistance

Customers using wheelchairs or needing accommodation to use Ride2 for other reasons may indicate so in their Ride2 Park & Ride app profile. Ride2 will dispatch an accessible vehicle directly to their start point instead of setting the pick-up location a short distance away. The wheelchair lift, located in the rear of vehicle, is designed for lifting up to 600 pounds.

Call center option

Customers who don’t have access to a smart phone or a data plan may still use the Ride2 service simply by calling 866-750-5057. All available functionalities offered through the app will also be available via the call center.

Reduced fares

The service will be available for free for an initial promotional period, after which a standard Metro fare will be charged. All existing reduced fare programs, including ORCA Lift, will be accepted through Ride2 when using an ORCA card.

Where to go from Eastgate

At the Eastgate Park & Ride, get to key destinations in King County using the following transit services:

Downtown Seattle

University District

*Connect to Link via routes 212, 216, 218, 219 and 554.



Frequently asked questions


Service hours & map

The Ride2 service is available Monday–Friday, 6–10 AM and 4–8 PM, except holidays.

See the service area…

Customer support

For additional guidance on how to use the Ride2 service or to provide feedback on your experience of the service, please contact our call center.

Call 866-750-5057 or email.

About Ride2

Ride2 Eastgate is brought to you by King County Metro through its Innovative Mobility Program. Metro is offering this service as a test or pilot. To learn more about the project and its role within Metro’s overall vision of becoming a Mobility Agency, please visit our first/last mile program webpage.

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