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Effective 10-02-21 thru 03-18-22

Vigente del 10-02-21 al 03-18-22

2021 年 10 月 2 日至 2022 年 3 月 18 日有效

2021년 10월 2일부터 2022년 3월 18일까지 유효

Có hiệu lực từ ngày 2/10/2021 đến ngày 18/3/2022


Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

    • AB - Returns to Atlantic Base Garage.
    • BB - Returns to Bellevue Base Garage.
    • CB - Returns to Central Base Garage.
    • EB - Returns to East Base Garage.
    • NB - Returns to North Base Garage.
    • RB - Returns to Ryerson Base Garage.
    • SB - Returns to South Base Garage.
    • LR - Returns to Link SODO Garage.
    • FH - Returns to First Hill Streetcar Garage.
    • SL - Returns to South Lake Union Streetcar Garage.

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