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King County Courthouse Third Avenue entrance closed until January 1, 2020. Please use alternative routes.  
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Effective 9-21-19 thru 3-20-20

Vigente del 9-21-19 al 3-20-20


*This is an estimated time.

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Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

    Special Service Information

    Route 355 operates express service weekday peak hours, only, and augments Route 5 service between Shoreline and Greenwood during these periods. Refer to Route 5 schedules for additional service in the mornings, middays, nights and weekends.

    Makes no stops between Shoreline Community College and N 85th St & Wallingford Ave N EXCEPT on N Innis Arden Way at Greenwood Ave N, on Dayton Ave N at N 155th St, on Greenwood Ave N at N 145th St, N 143rd St, N 134th St, N 130th St, N 125th St, N 117th St, N 110th St, Holman Rd N, N 97th St, N 87th St; on N 85th St at Greenwood Ave N, Fremont Ave N and Aurora Ave N.

    Makes no stops between N 85th & Wallingford Ave N and Shoreline Community College, EXCEPT on N 85th St at Aurora Ave N and Fremont Ave N; on Greenwood Ave N at N 85th, N 87th, N 97th St, N 103rd St, N 110th St, N 117th St, N 125th St, N 130th St, N 134th St, N 143rd St, N 145th St and N 155th St.

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