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Puget Sound Trip Planner
For Android and iPhone
Plan your transit trip, find your best stops, and see your next departures no matter where you are in the Puget Sound region, or where you want to go. The Puget Sound Trip Planner app does it all and more!
Trip Planner & Tracker
For desktop and laptop
Plan a trip by typing in an address, choosing a landmark or clicking a point on a map. Find route maps, schedules, stops, next departures and real-time tracking.
Mobile Trip Planner
For mobile web
The mobile Trip Planner provides tools to help you plan your transit trip easier, faster and more accurately using your mobile device.
Below are some of the free apps that are available from third-party developers.
Some of the apps listed use Metro’s open data.
Apple Maps
For iPhone
Public transit information for buses, trains, and ferries.
For desktop, laptop and mobile web
Allows users to search for homes near transit stops.
Google Maps
For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, desktop, laptop and mobile web
Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.
For Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
iCarpool connects you with verified drivers going your way at the same time so you can start carpooling instantly!
For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, desktop, laptop and mobile web
OneBusAway provides easy access to real-time transit information for King County Metro.
For Android and iPhone
Connect to official transit schedules, alerts and updates from other commuters on your mobile device. Check your favorite routes in one app and give updates as you go. It's that simple.
Transit App
For Android and iPhone
With Transit App, all nearby departures are just a tap away. Not sure which route to take? Don't worry, the easy-to-use trip planner can still show you the way!
For Android and iPhone
Plan your trips with any combination of transport modes, in real-time.
For Android and iPhone
Vanpooler is an app designed to facilitate ride sharing among Vanpool riders. You can use Vanpooler to join a Vanpool group, check departure time and location, reserve a seat, and more!
For desktop, laptop and mobile web
A gateway to transportation options in the King County area for veterans, persons with disabilities, senior citizens and others with special transportation needs.
Walk Score
For Android, iPhone, desktop, laptop and mobile web
Find apartments with a better commute, great nearby places, and transportation choices.


Want to make your own app?
Visit Metro's Developer Resources.

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