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Many King County facilities are closed to the public. Learn how to access services remotely or while following social distancing guidelines.  
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Starting May 24, 2020, use the new Metro Flex service to reserve your ride for essential bus trips operating between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Buses will travel their Reduced Schedule routes, but they will not stop without a reservation to ensure there is enough space on board to support essential trips.

Download the Metro Flex app


Make a reservation using the Metro Flex app (in English only) or by calling (206) 432-4296 (translation services available) from 8:30 p.m. - 4:30 a.m. Free late-night reservations can be made starting at 5 a.m. each day and requested until 20 minutes before your route is scheduled to arrive at your desired bus stop. Select your destination, and you’re on your way!

Reserving your ride provides you with reliable transportation for essential trips, supports social distancing, and helps all of us stay healthy.

How to book a ride

How to book your ride with the Metro Flex app

Use the Metro Flex app to find your late-night route and bus stop at least 20 minutes in advance of your trip’s scheduled arrival time.

Download the app

Download the free Metro Flex app in from the App Store (iPhone) or Google play (Android) and register.

Confirm your location

Select your pick-up bus stop and pick-up time → “Confirm My location”

Set your destination

Set your drop-off bus stop along the bus route → “Set My Destination”

Check and book your ride

Check and book your bus ride → “Book This Ride”

Travel tips

Track the progress of your reserved bus so that you arrive at your bus stop on time. Remember to enter through the rear bus doors unless you need the ramp, kneeler, or priority seating. Fares have been temporarily suspended. Please wear a mask or face covering if you are able.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the main parameters around using the Via app in King County:

  1. Hours of operation - The service hours for Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach stations are Monday through Saturday 5 AM – 1 AM and Sundays 6 AM – 12 AM. For the Tukwila International Blvd. Station the service hours are Monday through Friday 6 AM – 9AM and 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM. For holidays, service in SE Seattle will be reduced to match the Link light rail schedule; service at Tukwila International Blvd. Station will operate as normal.
  2. Service area - You can only request a ride to or from locations within the service area (SE Seattle and Tukwila), with either the start or end being the designated Link light rail station, as indicated on the maps.

More about how it works…

No, rides can only be requested on-demand.

There are a few rare scenarios in which your ride request could be denied:

  1. Too close to transit - Trips to or from locations within a quarter mile of the Link light rail stations will be declined. Exceptions will be made for riders using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers.
  2. Capacity constraints - If Via is experiencing high demand that exceeds vehicle capacity, your initial request will be declined, but please try again in a few moments. Once other riders have completed their trips, your request will be accepted.

To make our service as efficient as possible, we look for the closest pick-up and drop-off spots to your location. By walking a small distance you are helping to reduce the amount of time you and your fellow riders spend in the vehicle.

You will not be asked to walk after 10pm or before 6am.

To submit your ride request you must tap on the orange SET DROPOFF button at the bottom of the screen. The app will then calculate how your ride fits with existing bookings. It will return a proposal or two showing the pickup spot and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your ride. You will be offered the proposal for 30 seconds. To accept the proposal, select your preferred ETA option and tap the blue BOOK THIS RIDE.
Via to Transit will include both standard vans as well as wheelchair accessible vehicles. Riders who need accommodations such as wheelchair access are asked to set this preference when registering on the app (in Account settings) or when requesting a ride by phone. See Accessibility for more information.
This is one of several pilots we have launched to learn more about how we can better serve our customers. We plan to continue to test new services that help more riders access transit. See the first/last mile homepage for a full list of current locations.

Unfortunately, at this time bikes cannot be accommodated on Via vehicles.

At the moment there is no penalty for cancelling your ride, but please avoid doing so unless completely necessary. A trip cancelation can cause unnecessary delays for your fellow riders.

Children are welcome on Via to Transit! Parents are strongly encouraged to bring a car seat or booster seat where appropriate. Please note that all children, regardless of age, must be marked as an additional passenger when booking your ride. This requirement is due to vehicle capacity restrictions based on number of passengers.

Please note, each rider must be at least 13 years old to ride alone.

Licensed service animals are welcome to ride in the vans without restrictions. Other dogs and cats must be in an airline-approved carrier in order to ride with Via.

Via rides are shared, and as such everyone is asked to limit any personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably sized bag. Think of it this way - if the passenger who showed up before you had the same sized item and the car was at full capacity, would your item fit as well? If the answer is no, then Via can't guarantee they’ll be able to take you and your bag on board.

Don’t worry! Our ORCA card readers will automatically know if you have a reduced fare ORCA card and will charge you correctly. Unfortunately there is no way for the Via app to know if you are eligible for reduced fares in advance and will always display Metro’s standard adult fare.

Even though you are asked to enter your ORCA card number in the app, payment doesn’t actually occur until you tap your ORCA card on the reader in the vehicle.

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