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Travel by bus, train, bike or share the ride

Take the bus

When you ride the bus on Mercer Island, it's easy to plan your trip. Riders on Mercer Island are served by Metro Routes 201, 204, 216, 630 and Sound Transit Routes 550 and 554, which make trips to Seattle, Bellevue, and Issaquah.

Go to How to Ride Metro for tips on fares, boarding policies and routes. Use Metro's regional to plan your route and get real-time bus arrival information.

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Ride the Community Shuttle

The Mercer Island Community Shuttle (Metro Route 630) provides commuter service to Seattle’s First Hill and Downtown neighborhoods. See the map below. The shuttle comes about every 30 minutes to Central and North Mercer Island, Monday through Friday between about 6:15 am and 8:15 am. There's no need to make a reservation to ride—simply stand at a bus stop and we'll pick you up when we come by.

  • Plan Your Trip: You'll find the Community Shuttle (Metro Route 630) in the King County Metro when you search for a local destination.
  • Pickup and Feeder Service: For those wanting to travel to destinations beyond the fixed route, the Community Shuttle offers flexible routing in Mercer Island’s Shorewood neighborhood. Call 855-233-6043 to schedule a pickup time (24 hours in advance).
  • The shuttle is open to everyone and charges standard peak and off-peak fares in cash or ORCA cards.
  • The shuttle vehicle has a front rack for two bicycles and is wheelchair-lift equipped.  Riders who are at least 55 years old or are disabled also can find more options here.
Route 630 map

Paying your fare

To find the fare for a specific trip, look up current fares or use . You can pay as you enter the bus with the exact amount in cash, or by tapping your ORCA card. For a train trip, simply tap your ORCA card or buy a ticket at the station. Be sure to tap again when you get off, so you're charged only for the distance you rode.


An ORCA card makes boarding fast on buses, rail and ferries throughout Puget Sound. Plus, it's not just for frequent riders! Use it like cash with an "E-purse" to pay as you go, or add a pass for the months you ride regularly. A two-hour transfer is automatically included to other buses and trains.

Go to

Buy or add value to your ORCA card on the spot in Mercer Island and throughout the region. Or get set up online. Youth, seniors, and people with disabilities can buy an ORCA card in person with proof of eligibility at any customer service office or ORCA To-Go van. Youth and seniors may also order by mail. Once you have an ORCA card, you can add value to it at select retail locations, ticket machines and customer service offices.

Ask your employer or school if ORCA is a benefit.

Share the ride

Vanpooling and vansharing offer an excellent commute alternative. Go to Metro Rideshare Operations to join, start, or refer a friend to a vanpool or vanshare.

Metro Rideshare can get you started carpooling or help out with your current carpool, vanpool or vanshare. helps you make a match!

Apps and tools

Access Transportation

Metro's Access program provides van service to pre-qualified users whose temporary or permanent disability prevents them from using a regular bus.

Metro's Accessible Services office can help you with the details. Just call 206-263-3113 (or TTY statewide relay at 711) during weekday business hours or send an email

Need an interpreter?

Interpreters are available

If you require an interpreter, please call 206-553-3000 and select the interpreter option (Press 1) from the menu when prompted. Please let the Metro representative know which language is needed. It will take a moment but an interpreter, in the requested language, will join the call. Nearly 200 languages are covered by the translation line. Please note that interpreter calls may take longer.

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