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Live or work in Kent? You may qualify for a $49 monthly Metro Vanpool fare!*

Commute to work with Metro vanpool–the affordable, time saving and stress-reducing way to go! Group members share the ride by driving the van, agreeing on the route, works hours and pick-up locations. Everything you need for your trip is included: the van, gas, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and even an emergency ride home. The more qualified drivers in your group, the more you all share the driving responsibility.

Metro Meets Your Commute Needs:
To/from work or connect to/from a transit hub

"The biggest benefit of being a vanpooler is keeping wear and tear off your own vehicle and saving on gas while enjoying the company of others around you. Some of us chat on the way home and others can take a nap."

John - Group 6177

About vanpooling

Vanpooling is a consistent group of commuters who share a similar commute origin, worksite destination, and work schedule. With vanpooling, commuters share the ride, driving responsibilities and low monthly fare, and Metro supplies the vehicle and everything else for the commute to work. The participants share the driving role, submit monthly reports and fares to Metro and coordinate their group’s logistics like pick-up times and route to work. Monthly fare covers the van, gas, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and the emergency ride home program.

Just need a connection to/from transit?

A Vanshare might be perfect for your first/last mile trip to other types of public transportation such as the Sounder train, Link light rail, buses, or the Washington State Ferry.

Try a vanpool before joining

Want to try riding with an existing Metro Vanpool before joining? You can get up to three FREE rides in a Metro Vanpool to see if it’s a good fit – our Ticket-2-Ride form shows you how.

Pilot eligibility

*To qualify for the $49 monthly Metro vanpool fare commuters must live or work in Kent, WA and make $25 or less per hour. Participants will be required to complete the Kent Vanpool Reduced Fare Pilot form, the program application and meet and follow other program requirements. Participants’ $49 monthly fare covers it all – van, fuel, insurance, maintenance and more. The Kent Vanpool Reduced Fare Pilot is available until the end of April 2023 or while supplies last. Vanpool pilot participants may be asked to reaffirm their income eligibility to continue receiving the flat fare offer throughout the year. The pilot project team will also assess and verify additional funding availability for vanpool reduced rate continuance.

Live or work in Kent and don’t meet the income qualifications? You may still start or join a vanpool for one, low monthly fare. Please visit our fares pages for rates, email us at or call 206-625-4500 for more information.

Start a King County Metro Vanpool

Steps to get started

  1. Recruit co-workers or neighbors with a similar commute. Your group will need at least three commuters with at least two drivers and someone to complete monthly reports and collect fares – as well as a person to coordinate the group.
  2. Don’t know anyone with a similar commute? Search for other commuters at, the free regional, ridematch platform.
  3. Agree on group details such as parking, pick-up locations, route, work schedule, etc.
  4. All participants applying for the $49 Metro Vanpool fare, submit pilot application.
  5. Are you coordinating the group? Use this handy worksheet to collect and submit your group information and the Metro team will follow up with you on next steps.

Metro Vanpool program fare schedules

Effective 10-1-19

What's included in your monthly fares?

Fuel, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance, Guaranteed Ride Home and toll-free roadways!

Questions? If you have fare-related questions, or need assistance calculating your fares, please have your van's bookkeeper contact your assigned Accounting Rideshare Service Rep. For recruiting questions or other support, contact King County's Commuter Van Program via email.

Please note: Fares resumed Oct. 1, 2020. Groups who are parked and not commuting may not drive the van, are not allowed personal use, excess miles and/or driver bonus miles at any time. Any driving must be for commute purposes and is charged at the full monthly rate.

Not sure who your Accounting Representative is? Please call anyone listed below for help or a referral.


Contact us

Local Calls: 206-625-4500
WA Relay: 711
Fax: 206-684-2166

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