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Metro Rideshare Operations furthers innovative public transportation with 100% electric, zero-emission vehicles (EVs) known as Metropools. Twenty new five-passenger Nissan LEAFs are added to the Commuter Van Program. To support the EV effort, the Department of Transportation is installing 54 public-access electric charging stations in buildings and at transportation hubs such as park & ride lots and ferry terminals. Many private employers have also installed charging stations.

About Nissan LEAFs

The LEAF is a 100% electric, no gas, no tailpipe, no emissions vehicle with an estimated driving range of 84 to 151 miles on a single charge, depending on model year. The LEAF seats five people and is capable of driving highway speeds and includes a navigation system, keyless entry and mobile-device connectivity. The LEAF includes a screen to show the driver how the heater or A/C usage is affecting the driving range to help the driver choose the most efficient way to drive.

Charging the LEAF

Your employer may have installed a Level 2 (220 volt) charging station(s) that will allow your vehicle to be fully charged in approximately 7 hours if your battery is completely empty.

For charging stations on the go, the LEAF is equipped with an innovative EV-IT system that keeps the driver in the know by showing where nearby Level 2 and 3 charging stations are and their availability.

Other ways to find charging stations

Personal use

Each group is allowed 40 free miles per month for personal use by primary and/or backup drivers. This mileage is automatically deducted during the monthly reporting process. Up to 250 miles per month above the allowable commute miles is available for personal use. Those miles must be paid for by the approved drivers who utilize them at the stated personal use rate from our current fare schedule. Drivers who use the LEAF for personal use will be required to keep a mileage log.

Metro Vanpool program fare schedules

Effective 10-1-19

What's included in your monthly fares?

Fuel, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance, Guaranteed Ride Home and toll-free roadways!

Questions? If you have fare-related questions, or need assistance calculating your fares, please have your van's bookkeeper contact your assigned Accounting Rideshare Service Rep. For recruiting questions or other support, contact King County's Commuter Van Program via email.

Please note: Fares resumed Oct. 1, 2020. Groups who are parked and not commuting may not drive the van, are not allowed personal use, excess miles and/or driver bonus miles at any time. Any driving must be for commute purposes and is charged at the full monthly rate.

Not sure who your Accounting Representative is? Please call anyone listed below for help or a referral.


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