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Metro seeks proposals for ‘shared employer shuttle’ service


King County Metro seeks proposals for a pilot in which groups of employers could offer “shared employer shuttle” services for their workers.


The shared employer shuttle pilot is one of several partnerships Metro is exploring to improve regional mobility and complement existing transit service.

Participants would be allowed to form consortiums of two to five employers to offer “shared employer shuttle” services. Only workers at those companies would be eligible to ride shared shuttles.

Each approved proposal would operate for one year.

“Metro is exploring these partnerships to find new ways to connect people to transit service and provide customers with mobility options,” Metro General Manager Rob Gannon said. “This is the first of several steps as we build out the mobility network that our long-range plan demands.”

The first round of proposals will be accepted through April 3. Metro will review each proposal to ensure the service is safe and complements Metro’s fixed route network. Metro intends to collaborate with interested parties to develop the best solution possible. If a proposal is not accepted upon first review, Metro will provide technical feedback with the option of resubmitting an updated proposal for additional review.

Metro seeks proposals that complement and not duplicate existing transit routes and schedules. Proposals should be targeted to riders who would experience considerable travel time savings.

Proposals also will be reviewed for:

  • Names of the service provider and companies participating in the shared employer shuttle service
  • Proposed routes, stop locations, and schedules
  • ADA accessibility solutions
  • Insurance and indemnification provisions
  • Data-sharing agreement

Visit Metro’s Shared Employer Shuttle website for more information about the program and how to submit a proposal.

Metro will work with jurisdictions, including the City of Seattle, to help coordinate approval of the use of right-of-way and curb space.

Once a proposal is approved, Metro will sign an agreement with members of the consortium. Service would begin on an agreed date, and the providers will be required to submit monthly operational reports to Metro.  Shared shuttle service will not be available to the general public.