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Snapshot of King County Local Food Initiative Progress


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The people of King County appreciate the value and benefits of enjoying locally grown food.

For those new to the Local Food Initiative, we invite you to peruse the Annual Report and learn about the great work that is taking place to grow King County’s farm and food system.

Learn about the Local Food Initiative and our accomplishments in 2016.

What is the Local Food Initiative?

Launched in 2014, the Executive's Local Food Initiative aims to build a stronger farm-to-plate pipeline by setting targets and taking bold steps to:

  • Better connect local farms to consumers
  • Increase access to healthy, affordable foods in underserved areas
  • Support farmers and protect farmland
  • Create a sustainable farm-to-plate pipeline more resilient to the effects of climate change

Food economy accomplishments

2017 Infographic

Why it matters

King County has a long history of preserving farmland and supporting farmers and farmers markets. The County’s successful Farmland Preservation Program stretches back decades, while its “Puget Sound Fresh” campaign has supported farmers markets and educated consumers about locally grown products for nearly 20 years.

Despite these and other efforts, less than 2 percent of the nearly $6 billion King County residents spend annually on food and drink is actually grown in King County. Increasing that figure to 10 percent could mean an increase of at least 10,000 new jobs, a stronger rural economy, improved health, and more.

To address this opportunity, Executive Constantine has launched the Local Food Initiative with two major goals:

  • Expand our local food economy to ensure job growth and economic viability for King County food businesses and farms.
  • Improve access to healthy, affordable food in low-income communities.

With these goals in place, the Executive  convened a Kitchen Cabinet comprised of more than 30 leaders, innovators and advocates who value the economic, environmental and health benefits of a robust local food system.


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