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Seattle Urban Farm Company


Seattle Urban Farm Company blends sustainable farming principles with ecological landscape design to create unique, productive outdoor spaces. Founded in 2007, co-owners Colin McCrate and Brad Halm wanted to apply their years of horticultural and agricultural expertise to help aspiring growers get projects off the ground - or more accurately, in the ground - so they bought a truck, grabbed some shovels and got to work. Over the past eight years, they have helped guide hundreds of urban farmers through the design, construction, and management of their own edible landscape.

Starting out as a two-man operation, Seattle Urban Farm Company now has 15 urban farmers, each with unique skills and experience. Their skilled staff and comprehensive approach allows them to create sustainable edible landscapes that are successful on a wide variety of sites and scales. Seattle Urban Farm Company is committed to the immediate and ongoing success of all of its projects, focusing on intensive plantings and organic soil management to ensure high yields of crops season after season.

1015KCsmallBizAwards102  Maud Daudon, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, presented Colin McCrate and his team for Rural Small Business of the Year award with King County Executive Dow Constantine

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