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Dow Constantine

Executive Constantine: Metro passengers want simpler fares, and we're making it happen


King County Executive Dow Constantine today issued the following statement after the King County Council approved his proposal to simplify Metro Transit fares, eliminating zones and peak hours.


The time for change has come. Passengers want simpler fares, and we’re making it happen. No more zones, no more peak or off-peak hours. Metro will have a single fare of $2.75, no matter the time or destination.

This will make transit easier for everyone. For about two-thirds of Metro riders, a flat fare will mean paying the same price or 50 cents less than they do now. With today’s vote by the King County Council, we have taken customer feedback and turned it into action. It’s another example of how our relentless focus on making government better has real-life benefits for residents.


Chad Lewis, Executive Office, 206-263-1250

King County Executive
Dow Constantine
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