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King County Executive
Dow Constantine

Executive Constantine releases statement on inauguration of Biden administration


King County Executive Constantine on the inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden


"On this Inauguration Day, we look to the future with renewed hope and conviction under the leadership of a new president. We will win our battle against the pandemic, keep people safe, rebuild our society and economy better than before, and confront the global climate emergency. We will uproot our nation’s long legacy of racism to create a community that reflects the highest ideals of our founding and honor those who have toiled to create that more perfect union.

After the national election four years ago, when the future seemed dark and uncertain, I vowed that King County would continue to be a beacon of hope – to offer a welcoming hand to all those from around the world and nation who seek the opportunity to build a better life for themselves, and their families, and our community; to protect and restore our natural environment in the face of new assaults; to confront the challenges of inequity and income inequality; to promote access to health care and opportunity for all.

Having persevered through all that has confronted us these past four years, we have good reason to be confident. Our values were tested, but we emerged stronger. I am convinced that, as a nation and a region, our best days lay ahead."




King County Executive
Dow Constantine
Dow constantine portrait

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