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Keeping King County moving

Our network of regional roads, our integrated Metro bus and rail transit and water taxi services all work together to help move people better and connect communities.

  • King County Metro Transit is good for our economy, our environment, and our people
  • Metro provides 400,000 daily rides and takes about 190,000 cars off the road each weekday.
  • Demand for transit is at an all-time high.
  • The Central Puget Sound region is forecast to grow by one million people and 850,000 jobs by 2040.

As we continue to grow, public transportation will play an important role in reducing congestion, protecting our environment, and getting more people where they need to go. In addition to our fleets of Metro Transit buses and vanpools, King County Water Taxi continues to set ridership records as people choose ways to leave their car at home when they travel.

Growing ridership show regional benefits of integrating Metro and Sound Transit services:

  • Joint planning and integrated operations creates greater operating efficiencies and will enable future service expansion in our growing region.
  • Integration allows transit agencies to provide more overall service with fewer resources, benefiting long-term plans for the region's high-capacity rail and bus systems. .  The ORCA system for regional fare payment plays an increasingly important role in helping riders take advantage of this integrated system. ORCA accounted for over 125 million boardings in the region during 2016, an increase of nearly 7 percent from the previous year. It was also responsible for apportioning over $240 million of fare revenue between the seven ORCA agencies.    
  • The Puget Sound Trip Planner app and mobile ticketing pilot project help serve riders better, guiding them across regional transit services more easily. Wi-fi and cellular service inside the Downtown Transit Tunnel and underground University Link light rail line keep riders connected to the Internet and transit information.
  • Read the full report on Metro and Sound Transit integration.
  • Metro maximizes the roads we have, as one full Metro bus carries the same number of people as 60+ cars with a single passenger.
  • Metro provides 400,000 rides each weekday, taking about 190,000 cars off the road and saving everyone time, whether or not you ride the bus.
  • Transit helps get more people, more places, more often. You may ride the bus downtown for a cheaper and stress-free daily commute, or you may take light rail to attend school, enjoy nightlife, or to the stadium to avoid game day traffic.
  • 85% of Metro riders own a car but choose to ride the bus.
Metro protects the environment:
Metro protects the environment
That's enough gas to power the driving habits of every household in Bellevue and Kent for a year.
  • Metro operates the nation's second largest fleet of zero-emission electric trolley buses, which use less energy, reduce pollution, and make for healthier communities.
  • Metro will have a fleet that is 100% electric or hybrid by 2020, and expect to be the nation’s largest electric-battery bus fleet in the country with 120 buses by 2020. A recommended roadmap was announced in early 2017 that would transform Metro’s entire bus fleet to zero emissions powered by renewable energy between 2034 and 2040.
  • Metro's net annual benefits include 600,000 fewer metric tons of CO2 released into the air; equal to 15 million trees planted and grown for a decade.
  • All kinds of people use transit. For many of us, it's our only option because of age, income, or ability.
  • Because it's the right thing to do, Metro connects people to the most important places in our lives – jobs, school, health care, family, and friends.
  • Nearly 5 million Metro Transit trips were taken in 2016 using Metro’s ORCA LIFT reduced fares. More than 40,000 people were signed up in the program, which provides more people and communities with transportation choices.
  • Using transit saves you money, up to $1,000 a month.
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