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KCLx Mission & Values

The King County Latinx Affinity Group's mission is to build equitable community for King County Latinx employees and the Latinx community at large. Our values define the way we act, what’s important to us, and our expectations for ourselves and one another.






Collective Impact


Equity and Social Justice


Accountability and Transparency






Strategic Impact


Shared Leadership

Learn About the Affinity Group

Our General Meetings take place second Wednesdays from 12:00-1:30 p.m. Contact the membership chair to join our distribution list.

All Members

All King County employees who identify as being of Latin American origin or descent and are interested in the mission and goals of the group are welcome!

Membership is voluntary. Members can use up to three work hours a month to participate in KCLx meetings and activities. Time spent in KCLx meetings and activities is not eligible for overtime.

Leadership Committee and Structure

Role Expectations: Leadership Team members shall attend monthly Leadership Team meetings as well as general membership meetings with an expected time commitment of an average of 6 work hours per month.

Terms of Office: KCLx leadership will be determined by members via a voting process and will serve an 18-month term of which includes a 6-month transition period to help the next leadership team maintain continuity and momentum.

  • Co-Chairs
  • Communications & Social Media Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Employee Retention & Advancement Chair
  • External Community Engagement Chair
  • Events Co-Chairs
  • Finance Chair
  • Content Manager


The official name is: King County Latinx Affinity Group. *


The mission is to build equitable community for King County Latinx employees and the Latinx community at large.


Our values define the way we act, what’s important to us, and our expectations for ourselves and one another.

  • Teamwork
  • Authenticity
  • Collective Impact
  • Equity & Social Justice
  • Accountability &Transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Relationship-centric
  • Strategic Impact
  • Shared Leadership
*The term Latinx is commonly defined as: a person of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina). KCLx uses this term as the most inclusive term to identify our community as a whole, recognizing that no one term represents everyone of Latina American origin or descent.

Consistent with the King County’s commitment to making King County a welcoming community were every person can thrive, King County’s Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx), works with leadership to inform policies and procedures that address racism and other forms of oppression.

KCLx builds relationships with colleagues who share common interests or backgrounds and provides opportunities for members to develop their leadership skills. KCLx is supported by the Office of Equity and Social Justice and advocates for the implementation of King County’s Equity and Social Justice Plan.

Goal 1: Develop opportunities for members to network, learn, build common ground, collaborate, share resources, grow professionally, and support one another

  • Create a space for ethnic, racial, and gender minorities within the Latinx membership, in which we operate consciously of social justice, accountably to each other, and intentionally to create equitable spaces.
  • Deepen understanding of systemic racism and issues affecting KC Latinx employees and the community at large.
  • Operate as a collective and for the interest of the group.

Goal 2: Advance equity and social justice within King County government

  • Inform policies and procedures that address racism and other forms of oppression
  • Support, advocate, and serve as a resource for the implementation of King County Equity and Social Justice Plan.
  • Support and advocate for recruitment and retention of Latinx employees.
  • Further awareness and increase visibility of Latinx issues within King County
  • Collaborate with other affinity groups

Goal 3: Advance equity and social justice across King County

  • Increase the visibility of Latinx issues
  • Support and advocate for King County social justice efforts engaging and impacting the Latinx community
  • Enhance recognition and reputation of King County in Latinx communities

Co-Chair: Antonio Herrera Garza Communications Specialist III, Community & Human Services (DCHS)

Co-Chair: Felicia Salcedo Project/Program Manager III, Overdose Prevention and Response Team (Public Health — Seattle & King County)

Co-Chair: Luis Enrique Herrera Perales Disease Research & Intervention Specialist, Health Services (Public Health — Seattle & King County)

Communications & Social Media Chair: CURRENTLY OPEN title to be confirmed

Membership Chair: CURRENTLY OPEN title to be confirmed

Employee Retention and Advancement Chair: Rocio Martinez Lopez Special Projects Assistant, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)

External Community Engagement Chair: Maria Jimenez-Zepeda ORCA Reduced Fare Project Program Manager II, King County Metro Transit

Events Co-Chair: Margarita Aguado Administrative Specialist II, Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

Events Co-Chair: Sabrina Torres Administrative Specialist II, Health Services (Public Health — Seattle & King County)

Finance Chair: Diego Galvan Project/Program Manager I, Community & Human Services (DCHS)

Content Manager/Administrator: Melissa Aguilar Regional Affordable Housing Specialist, Community & Human Services (DCHS)

What We're Working On in 2021

Learn about some of the ongoing projects at KCLx. There is always a lot more happening, and we encourage all members to reach out with ideas or help with or lead a project.

Check out our list of events and accomplishments for 2021 to get an idea of what we do!

  Interested in Joining KCLx?

 Email KCLx Membership

 Check out Upcoming Events

 Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month at KCLx


 More info on the proclamation

KCLx Initiatives


Cafecito Connections

Cafecitos are a relaxed and fun social space we create and share to be in community with each other! Expect making connections with other Latinx folks in King County in a smaller group setting making lots of plática!


Professional Development

Promotores Ignite Presentations:

Promotores is part of our Monthly Meetings to promote employee advancement This is a 5-minute presentation series that highlights a members' role a person in King County. Learn about what they are doing, how they got there, the skills and tools needed, plus other opportunities to network and connect with this line of work.

KCLx HR and DEI collaboration:

KCLx joins other affinity groups and professional development leaders in ongoing workshops to create actions plans that advance equity in employee experience for BIPOC people at King County. We are addressing issues in hiring and retention.


Community Partnerships

Environmental Health Services Division and University of Washington Bothell:

KCLx co-hosted one of the “CoffeeConversations” series featuring our distinguished guest, Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven González!

Sea Mar Museum: (Info coming soon) 


Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month is observed September 15 to October 15 in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

This month is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the long, important presence and contributions of Hispanic and Latino and Latina (Latinx) Americans. More than 62 million people of Latinx ancestry live in the United States, with almost 220,000 calling King County home. Learn more about how KCLx celebrates Heritage Month below.

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Events


Join us in celebrating Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month with a cafecito featuring our distinguished guest, Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven González!

This event is the next in the “CoffeeConversations” series hosted by Environmental Health Services Division of Public Health — Seattle & King County. The intention of the “CoffeeConversations” series is to elevate the next generation of BIPOC community leaders and decision makers through sharing stories and providing inspiration. 

This informal conversation is coordinated by King County Environmental Health Services Program Manager Greg Wilson, who has been recognized for his ability to create connections with community to create a diverse workforce pipeline in the field of public health. King County Latinx Affinity Group members Rocio Martinez Lopez and Maria Jimenez-Zepeda will be facilitating this conversation, with support from UW Bothell Health Studies alumni Richard Duong and William Shaw. 

If you have any questions about this event, you can contact Maria Jimenez-Zepeda at


National Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month takes place Sept. 15-Oct. 15. In celebration of a diverse Latinx history, vibrant culture and innumerable achievements, the King County Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx) invites all King County employees to join us for a virtual informational and panel discussion. 

Come together with the King County familia to meet the KCLx Leadership Committee, learn about KCLx's mission and values, and get a preview of an exciting lineup of upcoming Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month events.

The event will be facilitated by Melissa Aguilar, and includes as panelists the KCLx Leadership Team: Antonio Herrera Garza, Felicia Salcedo, Luis Herrera Perales, Margarita Aguado, Sabrina Torres, Rocio Martinez Lopez, Maria Jimenez-Zepeda, and Diego Galvan. 

For more information, contact KCLx Events Co-Chairs,  Margarita Aguado at or Sabrina Torres at


Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with the King County Latinx Affinity Group by joining us for a virtual tour of the Sea Mar Museum of Chicano/a/Latino/a Culture! Opened in October 2019 in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle, the museum showcases the rich history of Chicano/as and Latino/as from the 1940s to present time.

Dr. Jerry Garcia, Vice President of Educational Services for Sea Mar, will lead the tour.

Thursday, September 30, 2021 12:00 PM-1:00 PM


(The Importance of Language Access Programs and Bilingualism) October 7 @ Noon-1:30pm via Teams

Join KCLx and the King County’s Department of Public Health for this interactive informational about our Language Access Team. This event will be an opportunity to have a relevant conversation about the importance of language access equity and the celebration of bilingualism in the communities we serve.

For more information please contact KCLx Co-Chairs Sabrina Torres or Margarita Aguado


October 12 @ Noon-1pm via Teams

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is an effort to reach every person living in King County with critical lifesaving emergency alerts, regardless of whether they speak English. Trusted community members trained in the TPN will convey urgent public messages and necessary information regarding natural and man-made disasters or other emergencies to their community. The TPN aims to ensure more equitable outcomes after disasters.

For more information please contact KCLx Co-Chairs Sabrina Torres or Margarita Aguado


The King County Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx) is excited to kick off a variety of events and discussions that celebrate the colorful and eclectic heritage of Latinx identity. KCLx is curious to ask the Latinx community, “What does this identity mean to you?”

To answer this question, KCLx is launching the “What does LATINX mean to you?” Art Contest. This contest is an opportunity for participants to showcase their unique interpretation of Latinx/o, Chicanx/o, and Hispanic identity. KCLx wants participants to answer the question “We all share common stories, such as culture, heritage, traditions, etc., but how is your story read?”

Art contest submissions will be accepted from Wednesday, Sept. 15 through Friday, Oct. 8. Voting will be conducted by the KCLx Leadership Committee from Oct. 11-15. Winners will be announced Oct. 15.


  • Submit a created poem, video, or art piece that answers the question: “What does being Latinx mean to you?” Contest submissions will be accepted via email to Diego Galvan, Art contest submissions will be placed on display in the virtual KCLx Art Gallery.  
  • The contest is open to any King County resident who self-identifies as Latinx, Chicanx, and/or Hispanic. Participants are encouraged to share information and spread the word about this opportunity.

Acknowledging and respecting diversity within our common heritage is what allows the Latinx community to flourish and thrive. This contest will also reward the top 3 winners, selected by the KCLx Leadership Committee, with a gift card prize. Grand prize will be $75, while second and third place will be $50 and $25.

KCLx looks forward to admiring each artistic interpretation of Latinx identity. For questions or concerns, contact KCLx via Margarita Aguado at, or Diego Galvan at


Date & Time: October 15 @ 5pm

For many of us, navigating life as Latinas/Latinx and public health professionals in Washington State can be complex. This online gathering is a platform for like-minded women to uplift each other, cultivate community, and network. It will start at 5 pm PST and will be delivered via Zoom. The Zoom confirmation and link will be sent to the email address you register with.

Register on Eventbrite!


October 19 @ Noon-1pm via Zoom

Join Milvia Pacheco from Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle and Poesia MariaArte as they have a conversation on Identity, Heritage, and the impacts Covid-19 has had on these two artists. Their own pieces will be showcased as well.

For more information please contact KCLx Co-Chairs Sabrina Torres or Margarita Aguado