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Superior Court Daily Calendar

The current morning or afternoon schedule for King County Superior Court judges. Current commissioners and pro tempore staff also listed.

PM Daily Calendar - Thursday, June 1, 2023


Judge Room Jury On the schedule
Allred, Chad A4083/4G
Dependency Trial
Amini, Susan H. CCFJC 4A
Pretrial Conference 
Ballinger, Kristin CCFJC 4C   Seattle Dependency Calendar
Bender, Johanna GA  

MRJC Chief Judge Omnibus – GA

Berns, Elizabeth A3127/3J

I.C. Motions

Campagna, Joe A4065/4F 
I.C. Motions
Chung, Samuel
Juvenile Offender Calendar
Darvas, Andrea W-728 J Krouch v. Pham (Tort – Motor Vehicle)
Donohue, Karen W-842

State v Demo/Neiss (Assault)

Ferguson, Marshall E-713
State v Biawogee (Assault)
Flevaris, Taki  CCFJC 3B   Leach v. Parker (Paternity Trial)
Galván, Veronica
State v. Barika (Rape)
Hawk, Jaime W-928 
Civil Motions
Helson, Janet CCFJC 4D

Chief Dependency JudgeFTC Calendar

Holloway, Jason E-209 I.C. Motions
Keenan, David W-1060
I.C. Motions
Lapin, Matt E-847
Pretrial Conferences
Larrañaga, Mark  W-739   I.C. Motions
Lee, Nelson K.H. CCFJC 3D
  Termination Trial
Madsen, Hillary E-746 
McCoy, Adrienne W-817 J Klein v. Washington Construction Group (Commercial)
McCullough, LeRoy A4006/4A
Criminal Filings / Search Warrants / Ex Parte
McDonald, Brian A3063/3G   State v. Dervin (Evidence Hearing)
McHale, John E-863 J Choi v. Bellevue School District #405 (Tort – Motor Vehicle)
McKee, Maureen A4034/4C
 J Stocker v. UW (Wrongful Death)
Messitt, Annette
J State v Tweldebrahan (Indecent Liberties)
O’Donnell, Sean W-331

Chief UFC Judge / ON LEAVE

Oishi, Patrick E-942 Presiding Judge /
Parisien, Suzanne W-355
Civil Motions
Phelps, Nicole E-753
Port, Cindi E-762
I.C. Motions
Poydras, Jason W-719
Pretrial Conferences
Ramseyer, Judith H. 4B
Richardson, Kristin E-815
Dependency Trial
Roberts, Mary E. E-912

Drug Court Judge / Seattle Drug Court

Robertson, Andrea ITA 1

Harborview (HMC Ct.1) Mental Health/Involuntary Treatment Court 

Rogers, Jim E-733 J Clinger v. Pharmacia (Tort – Other)
Rothrock, Averil 4J
Ryan, Michael E-835
J King County v. Aquatherm GMBH (Commercial)
Schubert, Ken W-813 J State v Donaghe (Murder)
Scott, Michael W-905
Assistant Chief Criminal Judge / SEA Omnibus (E1201)
Segal, Matthew J. A4052-4D
 Ashenafi v. Embeka (Dissolution)

Shaffer, Catherine  W-829
Criminal Motions
Shah, Ketu E-1201   Seattle Chief Criminal and Assistant Presiding Judge / ON LEAVE
Sutton, Aimee

State v Meier 

Thorp, Tanya W-941        Chief Civil JudgeSupplemental Proceedings Calendar
Vargas, Haydee CCFJC 3A

Pretrial Conferences

Whedbee, David  E-201   State v Thompson (Theft)
Widlan, Sandra W-711
Decisions in Chambers
Wiggs, Josephine 3C
Guggilam v. Kommineni (Dissolution with Children)
Williams, Matthew A3006/3A

I.C. Motions
Wilson, Coreen  4H   State v. Winters (Assault)
Yip, Wyman W-965  J Pedersen v. State of Washington (Medical Malpractice)
Young, Melinda CCJFC 3C
Chief Juvenile Judge / Juvenile Offender Calendar 


Name Department Phone
Cary, Monica Kent (1H) Family Law - Protection Order Calendar - ON LEAVE
Goheen, Lindsey Kent (1G) Family Law 206-477-2750 
Gould, Shannon Kent (1L) Dependency Calendar  206-477-7745
Hillman, Mark Seattle (W-325) Ex Parte/Probate
Holman, Hollis Harborview (HMC Ct. 2) Mental Health/Involuntary Treatment - ON LEAVE 206-477-2750
Judson, Henry Kent (1J) Ex Parte / Probate Calendar 
Lack, Jonathan Seattle (W-278) Family Law 206-477-1512
Laird, Jennie Kent (1F) Family Law/ (Remote) - ON LEAVE
Moore, Bradford Seattle (W-325) Ex Parte/Probate 
Perry, Jamie Seattle (W-331) Family Law – Weapons Surrender Calendar

Pro Tempore/Visiting Judges/Commissioners

Pro Tem Judge Camille Schaefer                                                       CCFJC 1A Pretrial Conferences                                                                          PM
TLT Commissioner Paul Eagle W-275 Seattle Family Law – ON LEAVE – No Calendar

TLT Commissioner Jessica Martin 

W-312 Seattle Family Law Motions Calendar
TLT Commissioner Jennifer Atchison  W-921 Seattle Plea Court  All Day
TLT Commissioner Nikole Hecklinger  3H Kent Plea Court  All Day
TLT Commissioner Heritage Filer 3B Kent Ex Parte Calendar All Day
 Pro Tem Commissioner Javier Ortiz  W-275  Seattle Family Law Motions Calendar  PM
Pro Tem Commissioner Virginia Amis
1F Kent Family Law Motions Calendar
Pro Tem Commissioner Todd DeVallance                                                 
Kent Family Law Motions Calendar
Pro Tem Commissioner Richard Warner
HMC Ct. 2 Mental Health/Involuntary Treatment Court All Day