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Reschedule a hearing

If you would like to reschedule a court hearing because you are unable to appear, you must file a written request for a continuance with the court 5 days in advance. You must also send a copy of your written request to the other party. A judge will review your request.

If you are a defendant on a criminal case and you are represented by an attorney, consult your attorney for continuance requests.

In some specific circumstances, such as mitigation hearings for traffic or other civil infractions, you are allowed one request for continuance without judicial review. You may visit any King County District Court location or call the court at 206.205.9200 to ask about rescheduling your hearing.

How to reschedule

You may file your written request to reschedule a court hearing in 1 of these ways:


In person

Mail or fax

  • Send your request to the courthouse location listed on your hearing notice (refer to our Contact Us page for addresses and fax numbers).