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Probation services

Learn what probation is and how it works.

What is probation? 

  • Probation is something the Court can order instead of more jail so that a person can work on the problems in their life that might lead them to commit crimes.
    • For example, Probation can work with people who have problems with mental health, alcohol or drug use, or domestic violence. 
  • Probation Officers meet with people to find out what things they need to work on.
  • Probation Officers can help people do the things the Court ordered them to do.
    • For example, Probation Officers can help a person find a place to do their community service hours, set up a treatment evaluation or class, or sometimes find ways to get their treatment paid for by free insurance. 
  • Probation Officers tell the Court what is going on with a case or a person, so that the judge knows whether the person is doing the things the Court ordered them to do.

What to expect at your probation intake

  • If the Court orders you to do “Active Probation,” you will meet with a Probation Officer at least once a month while you are on Probation.
  • Your first meeting with the Probation Officer is called an “intake appointment” and will last about 45 - 60 minutes.
    • At the meeting, you meet with your assigned probation officer. The Probation Officer will look at the Court’s Order with you, to help you understand what the Order says.
  • The Probation Officer will help guide you, so you know what you must do, and what your deadlines are.
  • While you are on Active Probation, you will also have to follow the rules of Probation.
    • Your Probation Officer will talk with you about those rules, and make sure you understand all the rules you must follow.


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Bellevue Probation

The City of Bellevue provides Probation services for Bellevue court cases heard in King County District Court. Visit Bellevue Probation Programs and Services for more information.