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Superior Court judges

Learn more about Superior Court judges located at Clark Children and Family Justice Center, King County Courthouse, and Maleng Regional Justice Center.

Clark Children and Family Justice Center

Judge Susan Amini

Department 20. Courtroom number 4A. Contact Bailiff Christine Robinson at 206-477-2548.

Judge Kristin Ballinger

Department 2. Courtroom number 4B. Contact Bailiff Cassie Fontenot at 206-477-1336.

Judge Samuel Chung

Department 15. Courtroom number 4C. Contact Bailiff Jim Petersen at 206-477-1417.

Judge Taki Flevaris

Department 38. Courtroom number 3B. Contact Bailiff Ayako Sato at 206-477-1555.

Judge Janet Helson - Lead Dependency

Department 7. Courtroom number 4D. Contact Bailiff Shannon Raymond at 206-477-1367.

Judge Nelson K.H. Lee

Department 19. Courtroom number 3D. Contact Bailiff Manny La Guardia at 206-477-1441.

Judge Haydee Vargas

Department 12. Courtroom number 3A. Contact Bailiff Kassie Smith at 206-477-1397.

Judge Melinda Young - Chief Juvenile

Department 6. Courtroom number 3C. Contact Bailiff Jennifer McBeth at 206-477-1361.

King County Courthouse

Judge Andrea Darvas

Department 23. Courtroom number W-728. Contact Bailiff Jacqueline Ware at 206-477-1465.

Judge Karen Donohue

Department 22. Courtroom number W-842. Contact Bailiff Linda Tran at 206-477-3720.

Judge Marshall Ferguson

Department 31. Courtroom number E-713. Contact Bailiff Kiese Wilburn at 206-477-1513.

Judge Jaime Hawk

Department 10. Courtroom number W-928. Contact Bailiff Mary Ballanger at 206-477-1385.

Judge Jason Holloway

Department 44. Courtroom number E-209. Contact Bailiff Renee Janes at 206-477-1591.

Judge David Keenan

Department 26. Courtroom number W-1060. Contact Bailiff Beatrice Marquez at 206-477-1483.

Judge Mark Larrañaga

Department 33. Courtroom W-739; Contact Bailiff Bren Smith at 206-477-1525.

Judge Matt Lapin

Department 8. Courtroom number E-847. Contact Bailiff Maria Diga at 206-477-1373.

Judge Hillary Madsen

Department 13. Courtroom number E-746. Contact Bailiff Erin O'Connor at 206-477-1405.

Judge Adrienne McCoy

Department 54. Courtroom number W-817. Contact Bailiff Joy Stransky at 206-477-9233.

Judge John McHale

Department 43. Courtroom number E-863. Contact Bailiff Ricki Reese at 206-477-1585. 

Judge Annette Messitt

Department 36. Courtroom number W-864. Contact Bailiff Linda Nguyen at 206-477-1543.

Judge Sean P. O'Donnell - Chief UFC Judge

Department 29. Courtroom number W-331. Contact Bailiff Ann Brockenbrough at 206-477-1501. 

Judge Patrick Oishi - Presiding Judge

Department 24. Courtroom number E-942. Contact Bailiff Phillip Hennings at 206-477-1471.

Judge Suzanne R. Parisien

Department 42. Courtroom number W-355. Contact Bailiff Julie Salle at 206-477-1579. 

Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps

Department 14. Courtroom number E-753. Contact Bailiff Laura Dorris at 206-477-1411.

Judge Cindi Port

Department 51. Courtroom number E-762. Contact Bailiff Tikecha Pearson at 206-477-1623.

Judge Jason Poydras

Department 18. Courtroom number W-719. Contact Bailiff Alessandra de Faria at 206-477-1435.

Judge E. Rania Rampersad

Department 11. Courtroom Number: W-829. Contact Bailiff Kanisha Owens at 206-477-1391

Judge Kristin Richardson

Department 52. Courtroom number E-815. Contact Bailiff Sarah Hudson at 206-477-1641.

Judge Mary E. Roberts

Department 4. Courtroom room E-912. Contact Bailiff Lisa Tran at 206-477-1348.

Judge Andrea Robertson - Lead ITA Judge

Department 47. Courtroom number ITA/1. Contact Bailiff Stevie Craig at 206-477-1611.

Judge Jim Rogers

Department 45. Courtroom number E-733. Contact Bailiff Monica Gillum at 206-477-1597. 

Judge Michael K. Ryan

Department 37. Courtroom number E-835. Contact Bailiff Marci Parducci at 206-477-4936.

Judge Ken Schubert

Department 40. Courtroom number W-813. Contact Bailiff Kellie Griffin at 206-477-1567. 

Judge Michael Scott - Asst. Chief Criminal Judge

Department 9. Courtroom number W-905. Contact Bailiff Chad Berlin at 206-477-1379. 

Judge Ketu Shah - Asst. Presiding & Chief Criminal Judge

Department 50. Courtroom number 1201. Contact Bailiff Rebecca Hibbs at 206-477-1635.

Judge Aimée Sutton

Department 49. Courtroom number W-764. Contact Bailiff Salina Hill at 206-477-1629.

Judge Tanya L. Thorp - Chief Civil Judge

Department 27. Courtroom number W-941. Contact Bailiff Carly Campbell at 206-477-1489.

Judge David Whedbee

Department 1. Courtroom number E-201. Contact Bailiff Gabby Jacobsen at 206-477-1669.

Judge Sandra Widlan

Department 53. Courtroom number W-711. Contact Bailiff Kathryn Evans at 206-477-1647 or

Judge Wyman Yip

Department 35. Courtroom number W-965. Contact Bailiff Samuel Luikens at 206-477-1537.

Maleng Regional Justice Center

Judge Chad Allred

Department 34. Courtroom number 4G. Contact Bailiff Nhu Dinh at 206-477-1531.

Judge Johanna Bender - Chief MRJC Judge

Assistant Chief Criminal Judge. Department 28. Courtroom number GA. Contact Bailiff Chase Craig at 206-477-1495. 

Judge Elizabeth J. Berns

Department 25. Courtroom number 3J. Contact Bailiff Kelli Northrop at 206-477-1477 or

Judge Joe Campagna

Department 39. Courtroom number 4F. Contact Bailiff Samuel Zarky at 206-477-1561.

Judge Paul M. Crisalli

Department 41. Courtroom number 3A.

Judge William L. Dixon V

Department 46. Courtroom MRJC 4B. Contact Bailiff Janie Smoter at 206 477-1605.

Judge Veronica Galván

Department 21. Courtroom number 3F. Contact Bailiff Sonam Lata at 206-477-1453.

Judge LeRoy McCullough

Department 32. Courtroom number 4A. Contact Bailiff Dontay Proctor-Mills at 206-477-1519.

Judge Brian McDonald

Department 48. Courtroom number 3G. Contact Bailiff Greg Howard at 206-477-1617.

Judge Maureen McKee

Department 5. Courtroom number 4C. Contact Bailiff Regine Tugublimas at 206-477-1354.

Judge Averil Rothrock

Department 16. Courtroom number 4J. Contact Bailiff Craig Morrison at 206-477-1423.

Judge Matthew J. Segal

Department 3. Courtroom number 4D. Contact Bailiff Jodi Johnson at 206-477-1342.

Judge Josephine Wiggs

Department 17. Courtroom number 3-C. Contact Bailiff Lati Culverson at 206-477-4933.

Judge Coreen Wilson

Department 30. Courtroom number 4H. Contact Bailiff Jason Ellis at 206-477-1507.