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Online Superior Court jury trial

Guidance for lawyers on how to join and prepare for an all-Zoom civil jury trial.

Pretrial video

This video covers:

  • General purpose of the pre-trial conference
  • What topics are generally covered during a pre-trial conference
  • Pre-Trial conference topics in preparation for virtual jury trial
  • How to upload exhibits into Clerk's ShareFile system
  • Other Pre-Trial considerations for trial courts and counsel

Jury Selection video

This video covers:

  • General sequence and timing
  • Help preparing the prospective jurors electronic questionnaire
  • How the court will screen prospective jurors for health concerns
  • How the court will provide parties questionnaire responses
  • How the court will handle live questioning
  • How the court will handle challenges and other matters outside the presence of other jurors

Juror Management video

This video covers:

  • Swearing in the Jurors - Opening Instructions
  • The Virtual Jury Room
  • Juror Monitoring and Juror Notes
  • Juror Questions - CR 43(k)
  • Final Instructions
  • Jury Deliberations - CR 47(i)
  • Taking the Verdict

Lawyer Considerations video

This video covers:

  • Patience and Preparation
  • Witness Issues
  • Audio Issues
  • Proxemics, Focus, & Tone
  • Exhibit Handling
  • Impeachment / Refreshment