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About the King County Council

Learn more about the council's work and get some facts about King County.


We're your King County Council, the local government for Washington's most populous county. We provide a quality service for all residents, including those in unincorporated areas.

The council contains nine members. Each of us represents a geographic district of about 250,000 residents. We're non-partisan and elected to serve 4-year terms. We must live in the district we represent.

What we do for you

We set policies, enact laws, and adopt budgets for many services, including:

  • Public health and human services
  • Parks, open space, and trails
  • Elections, public records, and licensing
  • Transportation (County roads, Metro Transit, King County International Airport-Boeing Field, Water Taxi)
  • Courts, detention facilities, public defenders, and prosecutors, wastewater treatment, and solid waste management

We also serve on committees overseeing specific government functions, like the Board of Health. We act as the board of supervisors for the Flood Control District. The Committee of the Whole includes all council members.

Together, we work to make government efficient, transparent, and responsive to the needs of all residents.