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2023-2024 Biennial budget

Learn more about what's in the latest biennial county budget. Download and view PDFs and visit important links.

Council approves the biennial budget, making significant investments in public safety, transportation, and housing

On November 15, 2022, the council approved a $16.2 billion budget to fund King County for two years.

It includes money for:

  • Clean energy
  • Affordable housing
  • Public transit
  • Environmental protection
  • Community safety improvements
  • Behavioral health

Budget highlights

  • $220 million to convert the Metro Transit bus fleet to all-electric vehicles by 2035
  • $166 million to fund affordable housing near transit centers. Funds will also support housing operations and crisis response efforts for homelessness
  • More than $50 million to fund environmental improvements and protections such as:

    • Fish habitat restoration
    • Removal of nitrogen and chemicals from wastewater
    • Expansion of access to heat pumps and solar panels for homeowners in unincorporated King County
  • $55 million for community safety, including:
    • Efforts to reduce gun violence
    • New Metro Transit security and community engagement staff
    • Body-worn cameras for King County Sherriff’s deputies

Your County Council at work for you


Councilmembers included funding for pandemic recovery, public safety, and human services. The council’s changes added about $76 million to the original $16.1 billion budget request.


New provisions included:

  • $35 million: For the Equitable Recovery Initiative. It adds funding for housing, homelessness support, and behavioral health
  • $3.6 million: To improve Metro Transit centers and neighborhood engagement
  • $1.1 million: For Office of Law Enforcement Oversight staffing. The boost means more investigations and community engagement
  • $950,000: For youth detention programs. The funding provides more behavioral health services, therapy, and staff training
  • $24.7 million: For new capital investments, including:
    • Little Saigon Community Center
    • United Indians of All Tribes Foundation Canoe House
    • Muslim-American Youth Foundation Community Center
    • Children’s Home Society of Washington Resource Center