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Planning process

Get a snapshot of what’s next in King County and District 3, and ways that you can make your voice heard.


It’s important now more than ever to engage and help shape the county’s work for years to come. Below is an overview of what’s next in King County and District 3, and ways that you can be heard!

Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan guides the county-wide long-range vision for the next 10 years, guiding growth and protecting natural resources. The 2024 update will have three focus areas: climate change and the environment, housing, and pro-equity actions.

Subarea Plans

Subarea plans guide long-range development for specific communities that will eventually become a part of the comprehensive plan for six Community Service Areas (CSA) in unincorporated King County, including the Bear Creek/ Sammamish CSA and Snoqualmie Valley/NE King CSA in District 3.

Biennial Budget

The biennial budget establishes Council’s operating costs and fiscal spending priorities for the next two years. This important document sets policy for county government and oversees the delivery of services you need and expect.

Upcoming Ballot Measures

On your November ballot, you will find a few initiatives that Council has heard. One is a land conservation measure, which aims to double our ability to preserve rivers, forests, farmlands and trails throughout the County. Second is a measure to change Council elections to even years. Make sure that you are learning more about these measures so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to vote!

Behavioral Health and Environmental Initiatives

I am working hard to create services and solutions to both our behavioral health and environmental issues that we are facing, not only in District 3, but in King County as a whole.