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Report sexual abuse, assault, or harassment

How to report incidents of sexual assault or harassment in King County jails and detention centers.

It is DAJD policy to investigate every allegation of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment that is reported. All people in custody can make a report. We refer all allegations of conduct that appear to be criminal to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. 

How to report

If you or a loved one has experienced sexual abuse or harassment at a King County jail or youth detention center, there are multiple ways to report this. 

Reports can be submitted verbally or in writing. The reporting party may choose to remain anonymous. 

  • Contact the King County Ombuds Office by phone or email:
  • Notify any jail staff member. They are required to relay your allegation.
  • Fill out a "kite".  A kite is a form for written requests from inmates.
  • Report the incident directly to police or an attorney.