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Health Through Housing (HTH) dashboard

The Health Through Housing (HTH) initiative leverages what began as an emergency response at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic into a permanent part of King County’s housing landscape by accelerating our region's response to chronic homelessness. Through strategic acquisitions and the repurposing of hotels and other buildings, HTH provides immediate supportive housing and fosters a sustainable ecosystem of support and care for people experiencing chronic homelessness. 

With 1,358 units across 16 locations in seven cities, operated by a diverse network of service providers with lived experience, HTH deepened and expanded collaboration with cities and communities in 2023. Through these partnerships, HTH housed 911 people by the end of the year, a net increase of 108 distinct residents since 2022.

Explore the dashboard sections below to learn more about HTH’s second-year journey in 2023, the HTH model, and HTH’s vision for reducing chronic homelessness in King County.