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About King County's Historic Preservation Program

Learn more about our Historic Preservation Program and our staff.

The Historic Preservation Program was formed in 1978. The program's goal is to protect historic properties in King County. The program provides many services including:

  • Historic resource survey and inventory
  • Landmark designation and regulation services
  • Review of developments that could impact historic resources
  • Archaeological site identification and protection
  • Public information
  • Educational programs
  • Technical assistance

Our staff

All staff members now work remotely.


Historic Preservation Officer

Jennifer Meisner


Jennifer manages overall program administration, budget, program planning, policy development, grant administration, and interlocal agreements.

Senior Archaeologist

Phil LeTourneau


Phil is our staff lead on archaeology. He reviews federal, state, and local projects involving archaeological resources and helps County agencies coordinate projects that have an archaeological component. Phil specializes in pre-contact-period archaeology.


Preservation Architect/Planner

Todd Scott


Todd works on planning and policy development, historic property surveys, inventory and database management, reviews of federal, state, and local projects affecting historic buildings and landscapes, and our current use taxation program.


Landmarks Coordinator 

Sarah Steen


Sarah manages Landmarks Commission coordination and training, special valuation and investment tax credit programs, historic property surveys and inventory, and provides technical assistance.



Alicia Valentino


Alicia reviews County projects for potential impacts to archaeological resources, conducts archaeological fieldwork for County agencies, and leads staff trainings and public workshops on archaeology. Alicia specializes in historic-period archaelogy.