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Open Space Plan

a photo of wetland surrounded by trees and bushes

About the Open Space Plan

The King County Open Space Plan: Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas (Open Space Plan) is a functional plan of the King County Comprehensive Plan. Updated every six years, it provides the policy framework for how the county plans, develops, manages, and expands its complex system of 205 parks, 175 miles of regional trails, and 32,000 acres of open space. The Open Space Plan also enables King County to be eligible for certain federal and state grants, such as from the state Recreation and Conservation Office. This plan must be adopted by the King County Council.

Timeline update - 2002

King County Council will consider final approval of the 2022 Open Space Plan Update at their meeting on September 27, 2022. The timeline below shows the plan update process to date.


Action taken


Conduct internal review  Q2 - Q4 2021
Gather public input  Q3 2021
Present public review draft (including SEPA)  Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
Finalize draft plan  Q1 - Q2 2022
Transmit draft plan to King County Council  Q2 2022
Council review and adoption  Q3 2022