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Transfer station recycling

Learn about recycling services provided at King County Recycling and Transfer Stations.

King County recycling and transfer stations

We provide recycling services at most of our facilities. Accepted materials vary by facility.

Learn more about accepted items and fees.

Private recycling businesses

To find local businesses that accept materials for recycling, disposal, or donation, search our What Do I Do With...? tool.

Highlight Banner - Seattle households and businesses

Seattle households & businesses

The City of Seattle provides solid waste facilities and services for Seattle households and businesses. If you live or work in Seattle, visit Seattle Public Utilities for service information.

Visual guides

Read our recycling guide for an overview of our recycling services

We also have a Vashon recycling guide specific to our Vashon Recycling and Transfer Station.

Learn more about our recycling and transfer facilities

Read this guide to see all items accepted for disposal, recycling, and composting across our facilities.

Guide to King County recycling and transfer facilities (652KB)

This guide is also available in these languages: